While halfway doing my assignment, i feel bad neglecting my blog for few days because i was away to Penang to celebrate my babe Vivi's 21st birthday celebration. It was a crazyy awesome girls road trip with my babes, except for the 10-hour drive from Penang to KL yesterday! Stay tune for more pwetty pictures we took at Penang.
Now, let's update about the party of the month, FutureSoundAsia presented by David Guetta, Alesso, DJ Goldfish, Blink and Xu @ Sepang International Circuit.
It was so crowded, and we only managed to get into after Alesso finished spinning. T.T Just in time for David Guetta. 
Let's party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
So i'll let's the pictures do the talk. 
Laus' sister, NatalieSaw and me!
The bois! BeeTong, NgeeTong, Huannie, MindFreakKeat, MiaoMiao, Kim.
Illuminati :p
Couple shoots! 
More pichaasss...
Hiao po pose!
Gonna crash now, nanight.