Wanted to blog about babe Vivi's 21st birthday but i don't know what's wrong with my Lightroom, all the pictures went missing and i couldn't edit! T.T
So i rolled down the file and saw some event pictures which i haven't write about it! Lack of time, so i'll do a quick one before i crash!
Attended Balenciage 1 year anniversary event last month. I was supposed to go with Huannie boy, but he didn't want to go at last min so i tagged along Jane. She arrived late because of the usual jam, so basically i was all alone = , ='''

Fortunate enough to meet some friends there! Not so alone anymore.
Meet PovyTeng.
Karen and Chenelle.

While waiting to show to begin, we had some finger foods and champagne to chill a little.

Models showing new season bags!
Fav model of the night!
Fav bag of the night!
Fav sandals of the night

After the show, me and Povy went meeting up with Jane and Miaomiao for dinner. Everyone most hated question: What to have for dinner?
Discussed almost 15 mins, then we finally made a decision to try KiKi by Fong Lye, a Taiwanese restaurant.  

Basically the menu here is exactly the same as normal Fong Lye we went, is just that KiKi serve halal food. So the usual rice that comes with minced pork will be replaced by sliced chicken.
My sweet sour fish. Still taste yum without minced pork.
Others' sets! 

Lastly, my ootd - Silver vs White. 
Coordinate: Sleeveless shirt from Sungei Wang boutique, Topshop high-waist flared skirt, H&M necklace, H&M metallic clutch, Zara sandals, Balenciaga & Ysl bracelets. 

Crash nowwww, nights.