Cheers to almost-the-end of my assignment filled semester, cheers to the fulfilling weekend spent @ Carlsberg's Where's The Party two weeks ago.
Travelled all the way to the Pearl of the Orient - Penang for the party! Brought Jane along with me because she haz no plans during that weekend and i've lack of party friends, lol! I know it sounds crazy, but we did it for Carlsberg's! Yay! Anyway, partygoers were gathered at Queensbay Mall before boarding their respective buses to the hotel (which we've no idea of). The name itself shows how mysterious it is, girlfriends and i were making bimbo guesses in the bus.

While dreaming our stay will be at HardRock hotel, our bus stopped at BayView hotel greeted by a welcome crew of hostesses and percussionists. 
Carlsberg was so sweet to prepare us a goodie bag with full set of party essentials like shades, flippers, headband and WTP's tee shirt

Party venue was told by Kailh (our entertainer/mc in our bus) to be at the shores of HardRock hotel's beachfront. It was walking distance from BayView to the beach, but it was raining that night. We girls were worried our make-up & hairdo will be ruined by this stupid rain T.T
LED paneled stage!

I think Carlsberg loves us, as well as our God. The rain stopped right after we arrived. Just nice for us to start the party!

We kicked-off our party with darting game! Didn't expect an event like this to have dart games, so cool!!!!
Played a round before we started drinking! :p

When i saw iDarts, i knew i'll see familiar faces - Leonard Chua and Sin Yee!
Girls group shot before our face turn oily & hair turn messy, lol.

Then we saw people holding plates munching food, so we walked further in and spotted literally a food hall, YES I MEAN A FOOD HALL because there were damn a lot of stalls!
Fruit punch!
Char kuey teow, fried oysters with eggs and satay! Ze best!!!!
Ais Kacang.

After noming, we headed back to party zone!
Carlsberg flew Edmund Leung to perform! 
He was singing some romantic hitz songs, getting too softy for the party but friend told me HongKong party people really enjoyed his performance. Ok nevermind, different taste in music. > , <

So we started drinking, bumped into friends, and took a lot pwetty pichas!

Kailh, the MC on our bus who i just mentioned! He barely recognized us when we greeted him, i think he was having too much fun! Second thought, maybe is because of our before & after make-up. T.T
Povy girl. 
Karen and......opppss can't recall his name. No, i think he didn't introduce himself.
Christer Chin.
Anerly Fang. 
Jane love.

Refreshing Carlsberg!
and ass was good, lol

Our ootd of the night. 

Entering its third wave this year, the first ever 3-Nation party saw 1,200 guests from Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore! 
Party must have your shades on, quoted from NatalieSaw.

Rubberband (Edmund Leung is one of the band member) then brought the house down with Cantopop tunes with Love Cubic's hot dance and some Korean commercial hitz songs. The night was highlighted by Twilight Action girl's hypnotic electro dance beats and my fav part DJ Nikki's chill-out house anthem. 
We gone cray cray dancing and jumping on the beach!

Girls with Andy Kho.
Some friends which i totally forgot their names! Sorry i've short-term memory, especially remember the names during the party. :p
The only thing i could recall is the girl wearing black tee is from HongKong. International party, f*yeah! 
Girl wearing heart-shaped shades are a photographer as well as a blogger. 
Jim, if i didn't get his name wrong.

Our sandy feet after party rocking for 5 hours non-stop. *salute*
We were all sitting on a couch, relaxing our numbness feet. 
Was exhausted and hungry shittttttt from all that fun!
Instead of going back to our hotel after the event, we went for supper at La Mei Zi aka Spicy Girl steamboat in town. Thanks ChristerChin and her boyfriend who are being so kind to drive us there.
Overall, it was an AWESOME PARTY with AWESOME MUSICS and AWESOME FRIENDS! Also, thank you Nuffnang and Carlsberg for the invites! I must go to the 4th Carlsberg's Where's The Party next year,  lol