While complaining how little time i left to sleep, i still scrolling my touchpad surfing here and there & writing a post right now. #Girlsbeinggirls fact 343123!
I assume your timeline might be spammed by me, Jane or Nat tweets regard Vios Chosen One contest these few days (in the case that you follow us on twitter/facebook), i just want to spam a lil here asking for more loves from you all. Just go to this link <https://www.toyota.com.my/facebook/vioschosenone/mainpage/top9/2.html> and like our video and share it out, x
You also can watch the clip at below. 

Oh well, i'm not that evil to ask for your vote without any return! You'll know the good news by continue reading it until the end......muwhahaha~
Time for some updates with my recent fashion shot by huannie boy. A casual afternoon when i put on hoodie and pants matched with studded cap and sneakers! Whole grey coordinate, black cap as highlight. Perfecto! 

How to stay simple yet stylish?
A shades will do! :D
Put it on and you'll look extra cool plus extra good because you can take pictures without make-up or maybe just eye-makeup, lol.  
So do i stylish enough? SO VAIN!!! *smack myself

More vanity to show off! :p
Favourite picture among all. Another #Girlsbeinggirls fact 127234, selca 100 pictures select 1 to upload. LOL

Ok now, here's the good news to share exclusively to my readers.
I'm giving away 3 set of beauty boxes from Modbox, which each comprises of several deluxe beauty brands. 
How to win
Like Modbox facebook page, www.facebook.com/modbox.com.my
Screenshot you've liked the page and email me the image at bwincessnana@gmail.com

Contest ends at 12.00am sharp on 29 November 2012 (Thursday).
3 lucky winners will receive the promo code directly from me in order to subscribe for Modbox monthly plan and receive a free beauty box. 

Please note that credit card details are required during the subscription transaction. Worry not, because Modbox is using trustworthy payment provider from ipay88. 
For the winners, please be aware that you will only receive your first box (in early December) for free and the following month (January 2013) beauty box will be charged. You can cancel ur subscription anytime before that if you choose not to continue with Modbox. :) 

Select your plan now, and never stop pampering yourself every month. 
More infor at modbox.com.my

I'm still waiting for my beauty box to arrive, so lets be equally excited to receive it together. YAY!
Signing off princessly now,  nanight~