November 18, 2012

November pickups from GlamTags!

Sunday afternoon, best time to chill at home and write a little about my new pickups.

Here're my November accessories pickups from GlamTags. Personalized name accessories for me and Woody boi. 
Loving how they are being so attentive in taking care of every details, diamond ornament and ribbon clasp. 

Check out my vain selcassssssssssss with GlamTags necklace. :p

I always want to get myself a customized necklace and why i choose GlamTags is because their products are made of 100% genuine 925 sterling silver! Quality stuff! Besides, you can colour plate your necklace in gold, rose gold or white gold plating. 
Another +1 reason you should purchase from GlamTags because they offer Pet Tag customization service as well. If you are a pet lover like me, you would love their service! :)
See baby Woody desperately want to wear his tag, awwwww~

Even more happy to buy from GlamTags now! As i'm giving away RM50 cash voucher..... 
and a GlamTags customized gold plating bracelet that worth RM69!

How to win 
Cash Voucher
Just like their Facebook Page, and leave a comment below this post why you want to buy from GlamTags. Only one winner will be selected. 
GlamTags Bracelet
Just tell me why you deserve to have this bracelet than anyone else? Creative answer will be the winner. As well, one winner will be selected. 

Contest will end at 24 November 2012 (next Sunday). Kindly drop your contact email as well. 
Good luck readers! :D

One last thing i want to share specifically to my readers. If you are keen to purchase any items of Premium Collection from GlamTags you can mention "Nana X GlamTags" in your order and get RM20 off! Sounds so awesome, lol~
More details, you can visit their Facebook page, or blogsho

Happy shopping everyone, x


  1. i wanted to have a glamtags bracelet because i had wanted to own a accessories that made by glamtags , i had heard alot of compliment from my friends about glamtags . they said that glamtags provide a very good quality of those sterling silve plus it is 100% genuine 925 sterling silve . it is kinda surprise to know that . out of astonishment that glamtags offer Pet Tag customization service . i had wanted to make my pet looks a little attractive among all pets . so i think that this is the best way that can make my pet more attractive and when my pet lost , the person may know that this pet have their own home . but when knew that the prices are expensive , i decided to save money to buy it ,but too bad i am just a student . sadly when my mum knew that i wanted to buy she banned me .i hope that u will give me the bracelet :)

  2. Hi Nana!

    I want to buy from Glamtags because I want my own name necklace for such a long time ago! *btw who doesn't??* Everyone is so craving for their own name necklaces after saw a lot of celebrities or bloggers such like u and xiaxue having it! Not only the necklaces, every other things from Glamtags are so freakin' nice!! I don't really believe in other stores who sell the same thing as they don't have a proper store for that (as what I saw), but I can see Glamtags have many supporters and fans, and I really can see the good quality from the picture! I understand that the price comes with the good quality too... So I hope I can win the cash voucher to lower down my payment for Glamtags as a student! *Wanna have such a nice necklaces like yours so badly! ;|*

    Hope to hear from you soon!! Have a nice day ahead, Nana! =]

    Sincerely, NicoleYie.

  3. Your necklace is so gorgeous, Nana! And your dog is SO cute! I bought my GlamTags necklace last year, and it has always been my staple accessory. I don't have to fret over what necklace i should wear to match my outfit, and it is a timeless and classic way to differentiate myself from others. :) The quality is superb and the gold plating does not come off easily. Trust me, you won't regret buying a GlamTags necklace. <3

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  6. I want to buy from Glam Tags because of their impeccable quality that comes with a very reasonable price. Not only that, Glam Tag also offers a whole range of customization to their customers which is really good as everyone gets to have something that's personally theirs and no one else in the world has the exact same thing. Everyone wants to have something special, to feel special and to be special and through Glam Tags personalized name necklace, I can finally get to have something special, to feel even more special and definitely be special wearing the beautiful necklace.

    Being special is every girl's dream, right?

  7. I want that Glam Tag bracelet because I will treasure it and I'll always remember that it's from Nana because there's a letter "N" on it !! ♥ And the colour of that bracelet will match perfectly with my fair skin :P ♥ :)

  8. I would buy from Glamtags as I would like a personalized name necklace that is made from genuine 925 Sterling Silver so that I could wear it a lifetime as I like to be wearing the same necklace everyday cause I'm lazy to think of what to wear daily :D besides that, wouldn't it be nice for people to say Hello Melissa instead of Hello when they meet me for the first time? :)

    I deserve the bracelet more than anyone because I don't know how to accessorize and it'll be perfect as I just need one bracelet to make a statement. :)

  9. I've once heard a story saying that in Greece, wearing a bracelet in summer time helps protect wearer's skin from the strong Greek sun. I personally hate exposing to sunlight, I bet none of the girls would like to turn turn dark. So, I'd like to win the bracelet as I am one of the girls who is afraid of turning dark too!

  10. I want to buy from Glamtags because I want to have my own limited edition bracelet , it must be only one around the world . this is the special of glamtags . plus the bracelet wont rust easily . :))) do email me :)

  11. What lens you're wearing? :)

  12. Nana i want it!awww,it is too pretty,i really love it!^^looks like branded jewellery
    And i think this is a special one for everyone,pls give it to me as i dun have own any necklace =p

    And also i will introduce this brand to my friends after i got it!

    My email

  13. I wanna buy Glamtags because I have never came across nice & finely made personalised pet tags from other brands =D It would be a perfect gift for every perfect pet!
    email :

  14. Glam Tags customized gold plating bracelet!Simple and elegant gold charm bracelet that goes well with any outfits at any occasions! i have always wanted a simple bracelet which could let me stand out in the crowd as well. Moreover, genuine gold plated bracelet from glam tags will not rust even if i wear it everyday unlike other gold colour bracelet. So..i think i deserve this bracelet than anyone else. Haha! :P

    Sin Ying

  15. It's been awhile now since I heard my best friend praising how good Glam Tags is and how badly she wish to get her hands on the name necklace. So, here I am reading through your blog posts and to find out there is this awesome giveaway!! Since everyone has been giving very good reviews on Glam Tags's quality, I hope I could get my hands on these cash voucher and to surprise my friend with it. She don't dare to spend much on herself, and this gift would be perfect for her, since it's been something she wanted for a long time. Hope I'd be lucky enough to win this giveaway :) The thought of her surprised smile makes me happy.

    Thank you,nana for the lovely giveaway :) appreciate much.


  16. love it......simply beautiful~

  17. Seeing that the bracelet is a good luck bracelet (as per the GlamTags facebook page), I truly believe that owning it will bring luck to my life, somehow or another! I Not only does the charm consisting of flower, star, heart, ribbon and the butterfly make it look so sweet and ladylike, the gold plating brings out the elegance in it, and it'll be able to make my instagram #ootd look fabulous (and maybe get more likes, heheh). Not only that, it's also from GlamTags! GlamTags are very well-known for their good product quality and service, therefore it's nice to be able to say "I got this from Nana's GlamTags giveaway." when my friends ask where I got this gorgeous bracelet from! Therefore, I would really like to have the opportunity to win the bracelet :)

    Cassandra (

    Btw, thank you for the lovely post too, and Woody is looking at his cutest as always! x

  18. Thank you for all the comments, you guys rockxxx! So the winners are Janice (Bracelet) and Jadd-Menn (Cash Voucher), others can get special discount from GlamTags by mention the special code above! :D

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