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Stupid malware! Not my first time. Just be calm because i've removed some coding so i guess you guys can read it well now :)
Here's a update of my night out for Passion for Fashion 2012. Thanks to Nuffnang for the invite!  

It was one of the most fashionable event dedicated for the regional fashion and film industry celebrated at the roof of Lot 10, Rootz Club. They invited great mix of people from actors to hosts, models to designers, editors to bloggers, and fashion enthusiasts covering with great DJs from Japan (DJ Bento) and US (DJs Smith Agent Smith). Also free flow of Johnnie Walker's Gold Label and Kronenburgs 1664!  

Went there with my partner, PovyTeng as bloggers. Met some friends, Chenelle and Karen. 
xxx and Michelle. One of the names which i couldn't recall. :O
Partying with NN crew, Sue Ann!
Cheek bone sisters, lol!
Of course we weren't just taking pretty pictures, we went on drinking, dancing, meeting new people, and watching the fashion show and awards presenting to outstanding individuals. Couldn't take a picture as the club was so crowded and professional photographers were getting their best spot for the pictures. Check the pictures out at their FB page perhaps. 

Took some outfit shots before i left. Credit to Povy. 
Feather-printed top from BKK // Angel Paradise Metallic jacquard skater skirt // H&M metallic belt // Uniqlo long socks // black pumps // b + ab & Balenciaga bracelets // Balenciaga city bag 

I better go back to my revision zone. Boyfriend going movie with his family without me, nay :(
Hate that my finals always fall on Christmas festive month, hardly concentrate! Must lock myself up before this Friday Xmas party & Saturday Thirst! Talking about revision, lol