Good things never end in December
I'm bringing you guys to watch the fourth teaser for Topshop debut Christmas film, Winter Wonderland staring a secret Hollywood starlet.

This is the first ever Christmas campaign done by Topshop staring a A-List Hollywood actress. The video is shot and directed by a Hollywood director and is loosely based on the iconic fabulous Baker Boys scene where Michelle Pfeiffer sings on a piano. So can you guess who's that girl in the teaser video?
You might want to join this global guessing game because 5 lucky winners who got the correct answer will stand a chance to win RM100 Topshop vouchers. Good chance to shop for Xmas! :D

Send your answer to with your name, Fashion Fast Forward membership number & mobile number before 1pm on the 4th of December 2012. 

More clues for you all to guess.

Remember to follow the trail by checking Joyce's blog ( where she will then upload the last teaser video tomorrow. 
Even more clues??!!!
Follow @topshopmalaysia on Instagram and join in the conversation using hashtag #whosthatgirl & #topshopmalaysia

Don't forget to come back on 4th December, 6pm as i'll be revealing the final video of #whosthatgirl.