December 23, 2012

When i'm about to fly...

YAY!!!! I'm flying to HongKong tmr! Just to keep my beloved readers entertained, i'll post my selfca pictures so that you'll love me more, lol or maybe not. But i know you all love me right, xoxo~
Anyway i'll be away for 6 days, probably can't do any updates but i'll try my best if i can find internet access & computer at hotel. Though is not my first time travel there, but i still feel very excited. Don't think i'll be sleeping tonight because i always imagine what i would wear, what i would buy, places to go, and all those scenes that is going to happen. #girlsbeinggirls

Don't miss me too much *wink*
I would try my best to hunt more food and places to shop :D
Btw anyone want souvenirs from HK, anyone anyone? Perhaps i can do a giveaway post when i'm back, stay tune ok?
Signing off now, nanight

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