One question before i start writing about the second part of my cruise trip. 
Am i really that skinny? Honestly i think i'm not. 
Posted this picture on instagram and people start commenting i'm too skinny. T.T I seriously think is the angel problem. But i would still take "skinny" as a compliment. I rather die skinny than fat, if you know what i mean :p Skinny is the new trend *peace*.

Back on cruise getaway day 3th, me and Povy decided to join Four-Island Krabi tour include Pra Nang beach, Tub island, Chicken island and Poda island which costs us 2000baht. There are several packages you can choose while you're on boat, just make sure you meet up on time to manage get in the tender boat. 
Happy faces. Finally, sun sea beach here we come! :D

It was a hot hot day. My face was burning T.T

#1 Phra Nang

#2 Tub island (pronounced as 'Tap') is quite an unique sight because the sandbar connects the two sides of the island over which you can only walk at low tide. 

#3 Chicken island. Named it this way because of its shape (google for more images). 
My first time snorkeling without holding anyone arm because Povy refused to do a boyfriend job. Nayyy, forced to snorkel myself and first time ever i float! Of course i'll float, i was wearing a life jacket what! So bimbo T.T The reason i need to hold someone arm because i don't know how to swim (insecurity). Don't doubt, i go beach or pool playing water. LOL

Survived from snorkeling! Yes again don't doubt, i took this picture after my hair dried :p

#4 Poda island, last stop. Had our lunch here (wrong choice) because it took us one and half hour and by that time we finished the tour guide said we should go back now T.T So yea, didn't manage to walk around the island. Here's the classic scenery shot every tourist take.
Before we headed back, we bought grilled corn. Yums!
Tips: Don't bother to go the restaurant (the only one on this island) if you are on a tour, just grab some snacks that sell on the floating boat along the share to save time.

Bikinisssss azz azz sizzling hot~

At night back on cruise, we attended a gala dinner at Bella Vista restaurant.
My dinner date.

Our courses. 

White wine for celebration :D
Getting a lil tipsy...> , <
Planned to go back our room and continued drinking, but we changed our mind because of the gala show. Nevermind, save it for next round sleepover party when we back in town.
During the gala show.
After the show, we went to casino for last round betting!
Ohhhh well, that was my sexayy outfit of the night *grins*. 

Next day early morning, we gathered up for captain's bridge tour. It's very exclusive for us because it was our first time to visit a real caption deck.
It wasn't what i imagine in the movie Pirates of Caribbean. The deck was so high-tech and captions no longer have to keep holding the rudder manually.
Captains! *salute*

Here's come to an end of my cruise getaway, kinda miss those carefree days *sniff sniff*.
I'll see you can Starcruise, x