Wore a sequin sleeve royal blue crop top with a fluffy black skirt for my Chor 2 look
NoBrand top // Angel Paradise flattered skirt

Instead of wearing a whole black outfit that bores people sometimes, royal blue are bright and bold. It creates a classy style as black colour does.
This outfit is very girly, and easy-to-go. Just nice to impress your relatives during CNY, lol. 
Your parents probably is syok-sendiri/proud when they heard their relatives giving their children compliment. And guess what shocking question i got from one of my relative this year, she asked if i did plastic surgery. I was like.........= =''' 
I admit my style and make-up changes every year, but this question is way too-over!!! But i guess is a good thing because in other words i'm getting prettier each year, HAHAHAHA~

Tips to wear like a dignified YOUNG GIRL:
1. Wear a skirt, but not a mini skirt (don't make yourself look so bitchy in front of relatives/parents). 
2. Wear bright coloured clothes. It helps create a cheerful look. 

Blue is the new black, YAY!