Hai hai, greeting from Sydney where we are currently 3 hours ahead you guys in Malaysia. Everything is good here, and we gotta have a short trip to winery tomorrow and blue mountain the following day. Can't wait can't wait :D At the meantime, my dark circles and eye bags are getting more serious as i've already losing 3 hours of sleep because of jetlaggggggg, plus i forgot to pack my eye cream in the luggage! GREAT >,<'''

So this is gonna be a short one about styling yourself casually comfortable to get into the plane and SLEEP!
Comme des Garçons play tee // Topshop leather jacket // Jefferson drop crotch pants // Vivienne Westwood X Melissa flats
Specifically wanna highlight this drop crotch pants which is one of the must-have item in your wardrobe. Prior to its inception in Comme runways, Rick Owens has recently brought it to another whole new level that you expect to see drop crotch pants in most of the high label fashion boutiques. Of course, i didn't get mine from any high fashion labels. In fact, this kind of lightweight cotton styles can easily be found in many affordable high street labels, so save your budget! :p

Another trump that easily put me into sleep is this Kao Megurhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask. It helps relieves tired eyes and put you in relaxation condition while you r on plane. Highly recommended!
That's all for comfortable sleeping attire on plane. 

Nanight Sydney, xx