It was the 3rd year I celebrated babe Liza's birthday. Me and Jane was planning to do it more special so we pre-booked a studio room, invited only us. It was more like a slumber party that we girls can talk and chill without having to entertain other friends. Liza said it was perfect for her because she did not want to make it big and she loves to spend this special day with only us. Awwww, we love you deep deep

So you guys will be wondering why this birthday slumber party post is loaded with bikini pictures. Oh well, it was because we checked-in earlier and decided to go for a swim at the infinity pool (it wasn't that infinity as we expected,lol). Another question probably would be why are we taking pictures during swimming session. Because we are Asian so must do it the Asian way, expert level ok!!! LOL
Now visual enjoyment timeeee :D
The birthday girl so shy :p

My hiao pose, xoxo 

4 angels :D

Jacuzzi so good!

Oh wait, realize why i was wearing my make-up duh?!! It was because previously i was doing a photoshoot, so yea...too lazy to remove so i went straight into the pool :p Btw, this NYX lipstick i was wearing is really long-lasting. HAHAHA

After swimming, we went to dinner and bought some snacks and drinks for the night. First thing first when we went back to our room is Facetime-ed our Buunnyy girl in Sydney to start a live stream gossip session, so happy teehee~

Diptyque body lotion for the birthday girl. We were expecting her to be really happy when she received the present. But she didn't even heard of this brand. Alaaahh ailed surprise but she said she loves the smell of the lotion so nvmmmm :)
My hamster baby turning 24th and still counting for more birthday celebrations with you
Apple cider + champagne + instant noodles + snacks = fatty heart-to-heart talk night!

One last vain picture before I ended this post *blush*
 Good night readers.