I believe women should look beautiful at all times. Women often buy cosmetics, skin care products and clothes to improve their appearance. Of course I'm like everyone of you who loves to beautify myself. However, i guess i'm finical on the overall beauty which not only focusing on the outside, but also looking at finer things in life.

I invest in lingerie 

You probably thinking WHY?!! Because not many people are going to see it or maybe none. Well it's not about who will see it, it's the feeling that carries with me with i'm wearing a comfy pretty lingerie. It just gives me some sort of confidence (flip hair) even though no one is seeing it, which i dont know why lol. 

I've seen girls who wear unmatched bra and panties, which is not personally recommendable. I love it when my bra colour matches my panties. I always try to buy pieces that belong together, even I don't not wear them at the same time, I could still match it with other similar colours of my bras (i hope i'm not the only obsessive one :p) Every morning when i open my wardrobe, looking for the matchy lingerie is one of the happiest thing to do in my styling experience. Lingerie is like the foundation of your make-up, it has to be your colour tone and fit perfectly to your skin, therefore you gotta love it when you are wearing it. 
Let your beauty shine from inside out x