Ever feel stress and depressed and all you want to do is just treat yourself some good food. It doesn't have to be healthy food, as long as it makes you feel happy. My personal feel-good menu will be desserts! I used to pack cakes from Alexis while I was having super tense pre-exam study period during my uni life. It does help me destress from the mental perspective of course. I know this emotional eating habit may not work on others (because sometimes a sudden rise in sugar levels and a sharp insulin response may not cause a feel-good feeling), however I believe good food does release some happy hormone :D
Picture of me can't wait to nom all the pastries yesterday afternoon. Happy hormone fueled, lol.

Speaking of good food, I'm gonna recommend you guys a place for supper or dinner when you visiting Sydney - Chat Thai @ Haymarket. Just to let you know, there are few branches in Sydney so do google it for any location that close to you. You may want to call and make reservation or get a number first because the line is foreverlong!!!

How could one not have a deep fried dough with its perfect-match coconut custard sauce, slurpsss
Starters, grilled pork skewers tastes extra good with its chili sauce. 
Spicy grilled pork salad, so heavenly good but is a little salty for me. 
The mains are as followed:
Padt thai.
Fried rice.
Grilled squid with fresh chili and garlic relish.
Stir fried chinese kale and crisp pork belly.
Stir fried fish with super hawt spicy sauce, which Huannie loves it a lot. I think i prefer steamed fish instead of deep fried. 
Soup of braised pork ribs. It tastes pretty similar with the grilled pork salad above. I think this would be my top 1 dish, on nom nom~
Tom yum goong, one of the dishes to avoid because it's not spicy enough. People who prefer a mild tom yum taste might love it.

No matter how bloated I'm, there's always a space for desserts. TEEHEE
Mini toraballs in sweet warm coconut broth without poached egg. Another dish to avoid. The texture of tora is not chewy as i expected, and the broth is overly sweet causing me to have voluntary reaction. It's like when you are eating sour candy, your body shivers for a second. So uh-uh :/
Coconut ice cream with sweet sticky rice topped with candied palm seeds and roasted peanuts was good :)

It probably be listed in one of my fav Thai restaurant when I come thinking about Thai food. The addiction of spice will definitely bring you here for more than once. Trust me, because we went there twice (first for supper, next day for dinner). Looking at these foodporns make me feel so hungry, wrong timing to blog again > , <'''
Till then, and stay tune for my upcoming sailing post :)

PS: I'm going for a vacation, guess where? Hint: Place related to this post.