Got back from Bkk yesterday, and finally i've time to update my blog. I know you might be desperately want to know the good food I had and places to shop, but i'm gonna let you all wait for a little while because this post is continuation of my Sydney trip. This gonna be my favourite part because it's about sailing on a private yacht, wheeee~
Couple Bunny and Panda brought us and her sister Vivian to The Tea Room Gunners Barracks'. It wasn't a typical high tea place because the restaurant is located by the cliff @ the end of Suakin Drive, Georges Heights. It was a special dining experience for me not only because of the food and beautiful scenery, but also birds that flew inside and trying to eat the food. That's why you will see they were using a cloth to cover up our food (below in the pic), lol. 
Our traditional afternoon tea set with a selection of cakes and pastries, finger sandwiches, scones and preserve. 

After high-tea by the cliff, time for sailing *leap in the air*. It's walking distance from the high-tea place to the port, so we just walked there.

Going on a 4-hours private yacht, AWESOME RAWSOME!!! The cruise is the ideal way to enjoy Sydney Harbour, passing islands and other iconic landmarks under sail, and enjoying beautiful sunset.

The difference between  dip into the water and swimming, lol. 

My random bikini shoot by Bunny girl. (Seeing these pictures motivate me to work out, i need those sexy abs and ass!

While shooting, Bunny's poser gene triggered as well. I gotta admit she's way better than me, hahaha
My POSER boyfriend, excuse his boxer thank you. 

Huannie was freezing with blanket covered head to toe while others all pretended to act cool :p

Drinking champagne while watching the sun goes down, one of the best thing in life
Till I sail again, x