It feels like my Sydney posts are going foreverrrrrr = , ='''

So many pictures in my lappie and everytime I open that particular file, I need no sorry it's I desperately want to share with you guys all the good places I went and good food I had. 
So this time, we went to Sydney Fish Market. Fish market? Probably with your confused face, you might wonder what are we coming to a fish market. Obviously, we came for food! I was not surprised Bunny brought us here because way before I arrive, I just happened to see a HK artist Fiona Sit posted pictures of fresh seafood at SFM. 
Onsite, SFM has seafood retailers, bottle shop, fruit and veg market, bakery, sushi bar, and many restaurant. Tips for those of you who's gonna come, the first thing you need to do when you come in is to get a table because the queue in every seafood retailers is crazy. So better get someone to hold your table while others buy food. 
All fresh and yummmm, slurps~

Couldn't recall how long is the wait, but here were the food we had. 

Our satisfied faces while noming the seafood :D Oppsss, forgot about huannie because he doesn't eat raw stuff so too bad for him of not enjoying the whole session :p

We then headed to Kiama Blow Hole @ the south of Wollongong. The water spouts in a matter of seconds and very much without warning. It's pretty amazing. The best time to visit this blow hole is during day time. By the time we arrived, the sky already turned dark so i couldn't get to check out the whole scenery and snap a good picture of the water splashing out from the hole. 
Image below is from Google. It basically shows how the blow hole looks like. 

After coming back from Wollongong, we went late night dining at Golden Century restaurant. According to Vincent, one who comes Sydney must try out the food here (especially referring to Chinese who miss their own food while travelling overseas). It's a typical chinese seafood restaurant with similar menu we've back in Malaysia, but i'll say the food standard is there.
Told cha is the dishes are pretty normal, but the kuey teow (right side at the top) is my favorite.
But here comes the boom, crab congee!
Dessert, sweet sago with coconut milk.

Another calories-filling day with huannie and my best buddies in Sydney, that's pretty much for that day. Hope you guys enjoy my food-pornography in the middle of the night again :)
One last selca before i crashhhhh, nanight x