Been away for the whole week, finally i've squeezed some time for my blog.

Hong Kong is slightly different this time because i've never been there during summer, which means there are more things to shop! Another thing i won't miss visiting while i'm in HK is this huge quackquack in Harbour City. This quirky art piece is the work of a Dutch artist Florentijin Hofman, whose intention is to create happiness to people when see this rubber duck. One of my friend told me this rubber duck art piece has once displayed in Brisbane, but no one bother to visit. Guess HK people need more happiness than Aussie people do :p

I even brought my mini quack to visit her mama duck in HK, lol :D

Enough of quack story, i'll blog more about my itinerary in HK soon. It has been a busy week, now i'm going to Penang island for Generation Beauty Talk on this Sunday @ Cititel Hotel! If you haven't get your ticket, you can grab on the event date itself (but limited to 50 paxs only). Do contact 012 - 4274321 for more details :)

I'll see you guys there x