June 24, 2013

Get onto the Gold Fever with Kate's 2013 Spring Summer Collection.

I was invited to attend an exclusive makeup workshop of Kate, Kanebo in March for their Spring Summer collection 2013.

The reason why am i blogging this after so long because it took me some time to try on their new products and of course demonstrate a make up tutorial for you all using all Kate products.

Along with the changes in eye makeup trends, this season Kate has revealed a new gold effect in their eyeshadow collection. They believe in shiny and high-impact eye makeup by combining gold with other colours will create the GOLDISH EYES
Here's a close up picture of me trying the new gold colour on my left eye. 
I must say I'm a big fan of Kate's eyeshadow since I first started to learn make up. Their eyeshadow are very easy to apply (even for the beginner) and needless to mention about the lusters of colors, especially the gold when it blend with your eyelid. 

During the workshop, they have demonstrated some tips to apply the new eyeshadow collection as well as other products (which i'll talk about more in the video below) on model Josheen. They also explained the reason why their eyeshadow are so captivating is because of its ingredient that contains two unique gold pearl powders, Real Gold Pearl (pure gold pearl powder with 0.1% 24K REAL GOLD) and Nuance Gold Pearl (bright pearl powder with a hint of gold). 

My version of life tutorial on my model, Trixha from Nuffnang. She said she loves it *flip hair* :D

Other bloggers who attended the workshop with me, Myamethyst and AshAsh. 

Workshop comes with a bundle of Kate's latest products is awesome, yay!

I'm selecting few products to do a everyday make-up tutorial for you guys, hope you like it :)

Love my makeup tutorial? SAY YES, LOL!
Anyway, i iz giving away five Kate products:
4x Goldish Eyes Eyeshadow (www.kate-global.net/en/all_products/eye_shadow/html)
1x Shinny Eyelid Liner (www.kate-global.net/en/all_products/eye_liner.html)

How to win
Drop a comment and tell me what do you love about Kate's 2013 Spring Summer collection along with your email address? 5 most creative answers will win the prizes.
Contest will end at 12pm, 31 June 2013. Winners will be announced on the same date, so do check your mail box on that day.

Here are more tutorial videos that highlight Kate's key products, do check them out on www.youtube.com/kanebomalaysia if you want to perfectly apply their products.
Kate foundataion

Goldish Eyes

If too bad you do not win the prizes, you can always find Kate at most Watsons, Sasa and Parkson outlets. More store list at www.kanebo-my.net/kate/en/store/index.html :)


  1. Oh nana, that's not her name! hahaha!

  2. YES!
    I love the GOLDISH EYES SHADOWS so much!
    I think it has multifunction as the light color eyes shadows not only can be use as base color but highlighter too!
    And the gold color eyes shadow looks gorgous, classy, special and attractive on the eyes lids.


  3. The goldish eyes shadow palette is an awesome eye palette as you can mix and match with the colours to create different effects on your eyes.
    The eye shadows are also quite pigmented and easy to work with.
    The shimmery eye shadows also last for a long time even without eye primers applied.
    Overall, I am very satisfied with this palette and using this palette everyday for my everyday makeup and still loving it.


  4. For me, eye make up is always very important especially using the eye liner to make your eyes look bigger. I have used many different kinds of eyeliner brands before, and it would be a good chance for me to try this new eyelid liner to see if it will suit me as well.



  5. I love Kate goldish eyes shadow. The reason is because it can impress everyone in my birthday party. Besides, it create a bling bling sparkling eyes for me while im making a wish in my birthday party. In addition, it also help me to create new topic along my friends by discussing my new eyes shadow! haha. as such, i will use the goldish eyes shadow as my eyes make up theme for my 21th birthday. this is because i wish to be the outstanding along my birthday party. Thankyou :)


  6. In my opinion,Kate’s Spring Summer 2013 collection focuses on ‘the gold fever’ – with emphasis on eyes that shine and shimmer with luxurious gold effect. It also features a new gel eyeliner pencil for bigger, high impact eyes. And a shiny eyelid gel eyeliner to highlight the lower lids. Now with all these new launched products, which girl wouldn’t want to have bright, shimmery and bigger eyes right? I have always been a bb cream-eye shadow-eye liner-blusher-lipstick kinda girl but I've never really tried out most of the Kate's products except for their eyebrow pencil and it is seriously awesome by the way. So right now, I would like to give the others a try and hopefully I will be one of the lucky winner. xx


  7. Basically, this year's kate's spring summer collection is more on gold n glamorous look yet classy. This year's Kate's spring summer collection had chosen gold to be their main color because gold is a soft and bright yellow elements that always used to make jewelleries, coins and something precious. Gold is also in a phrase of Heart of gold. I super love the Kate's Spring summer collection because i can wear it anywhere in any occasion. As a simple day out look in d morning can touch up just a little bit for night party, it is just amazing. Wear it confidently and classy something likened to gold in brightness and preciousness ! Therefore, i hope i've this chance to try this collection . Thank you ! :)


  8. yes, I like your make up tutorial , really useful and informative, however, the only things that didn't match is the background music, it really didn't match with your video and feeling weird while listening it to watch your video. Nonetheless, everything is good!

  9. I like the Goldish eyes shadow because the colour of the eye shadow is so beautiful and it won't feel weird when it apply on the eyes. The eyes shadow will last for so many hours , it is very useful and can match with so many closet easily :) The eyeliner is so wonderful to focus on the eye make-up . I like the colour of the eye liner so much . My mum and I use Kate's products for so long and we are very satisfied with it <3


  10. why do I love Kate's 2013 Spring Summer collection ?

    The name Kate is already enough to make me love their cosmetic product, I have 5 pieces of Kate's eyes' make up product out of them.Their eye shadow is major love, it always creating shiny, bling-bling, luster outlook that make me look captivating which turn me selca non-stopped.

    Talking about Kate's 2013 Spring Summer Collection, the gold colour here doesn't sound/look like old school here, the interesting things is the one of their 2 gold pearl powders contain 0.1% of real 24K gold, it somehow imply me that my eyes won't hurt much, or will be nourish when I apply the 0.1% of 24K real gold.Ridiculous or not, its my belief =)

    Anyhow, the Kate's product always convincing me, I would say yes to Kate's product no matter what theme it is.That's my opinion, thank you!


    talking a

  11. I guess most of us are getting bored with the usual spring color, blue, pink, yellow, etc. Kate SS13 collection that focus on gold is exactly what we girls always long for. The sparkling gold color that is so outstanding and can be wear perfectly not just during the night but also in the daytime. Thank you KATE for giving us this chance to be a specially beautiful girl during this Spring and Summer! Also, thank you NANA for telling us about this great products :D


  12. I like it because it was review by you. I love how you use Kate's product on your face to make it look so natural and unique. I hope that I will get this so that I can follow the step you do in your video and let myself have a new look too.


  13. Who else doesn't loves KATE? Well, I love KATE Goldish Eye series of this season. The gold eyeshadow palette contained shimmery and glamorous colours as I seen. The colours can simply makes our eyes look more brightening and of course can get rid of dark eyes circles. The brown colour can be used as eyes coutouring for deeper eye set illusion :P It will create extremely gorgeous shimmery eyes! :) For girls in our generation, of course we will look good and pretty in selca photos by using Kate's 2013 collection! I truly hope that I can win this and be pretty like you Nana! <3 Thanks for your make up tutorial you look really great! :D


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  15. I love to win the Shinny Eyelid Liner and the reason i like KATE product because is still consider as affordable i guess~ To be frank, i never tried any of the KATE product before so i would like to win the Shinny Eyelid Liner because i wanted to try KATE product, i less put on eyeshadow but liner, ALWAYS!
    KATE Shinny Eyelid Liner can bring some shine on ur eyes and make the eyes POP~!

    Last time i use to apply some shinny liner on the inner corner of my eyes because the color sucks and my friends says i put "bird shit" on the inner corner of my eyes~~~ NIGHTMARE~! After that i never use any shinny liner.

    After watching your video, the color of the liner is awesome and i would like to win and try it~

    Thank you Nana for the tutorial~ =)


  16. I love the products featured in Kate's Spring and Summer collection! Mainly because it has a gold theme for the eye shadow. I love gold and shiny colour theme cuz it will bring out the features on my face well and gives it an extra bling! Besides, the eyeliner is shiny!!! And did I mention that I love shiny makeup? Hehe :P It would definitely be a great makeup for parties. Especially the type of parties where you want a special boy to notice you xD Hahaha. Thanks so much Nana for hosting this giveaway and giving me a chance to grab these awesome products for FREE!! Hope I can be chosen~ *prays to God*


  17. hi nana , may i know what brand is ur colour lens ? it's so natural . thank you.

    *using my bf's acc :)

  18. I love the products featured in Kate's Spring and Summer collection because my girlfriends love it so much and she keeps talking about it after watching your tutorial video. I hope i can won this Goldish Eyes Eyeshadow as a surprise for her..


  19. Wow, looks like you had lotsa fun Nana! :D

    What I really love about Kate's Spring/Summer 2013 collection is its vibrant and sparkly colours which are very much suitable for this season. Plus, a definite color palette that sets a deep and unforgettable impression and will make heads turn twice!!

    Celyx Lim
    Email: huiying.smile@live.com
    Blog: www.celyx.blogspot.com

  20. Although I can't shine and bright like a diamond but I can shine and sparkle with Kate Goldish eye shadow! That's why my girls and I like it much than Gold, teehee!


  21. The Goldish eye shadow from Kate Spring Summer Collection is something I really want since it contains the colours I always use for my everyday makeup and it matches my skin undertone. Lastly, the shiny eyelid liner is something I really wanted to try as I'm always torned between brands to choose but everyone knows Kate products are very famous because they are good.

    By the way, I love you even more due to the fact you used a song from one of my fav band, Humming Urban Stereo ^^

  22. email** trinka-trinka@hotmail.com

  23. playing between the combination of brown and blue for the eye shadow in this summer, surprisingly it seems they blend it well, giving the very natural and refreshing looks. What impress me more is actually the shiny pink eye liner, it looks much more natural than the usual white colour, it's PINK and it matches our skin colour! >.>

    And Hi :) yimin_17@hotmail.com

  24. I love Kate's 2013 Spring Summer Collection because...

    The color bricks in this collection can makes me look so Kpop!
    I can create clean & fresh k-pop-ish look easily by dabbing some gold glitter on my upper lids and line my lower liner. And also line some blue liner to create a pop to the look!
    After all these touch up, I can shine bright like a diamond in among the crowds!

    Hi Nana, my email is mail.iamginny@gmail.com

    Hope you pick me la! Kamsahamnida~ ^^

  25. What I love about Kate's 2013 Spring Summer is the colour of the eyeshadow that are so beautiful and shiny that it can be easily blend with our eyelids by giving it a whole natural and refreshing look. I like the combination of gold pearl as it's perfectly match for summer look. Having this eyeshadow set, I can wear it as a casual look in the morning and wearing it with a elegant look for night occasions, makes me feel confident and beautiful anytime, anywhere.

    Email: angelsmiles-vin@hotmail.com

    Thanks (:

  26. Hello nana! My fave item gotta be the Goldish Eyes Eyeshadow. The colors are so so pretty and make our eyes goes "bling bling bling" although we don't have money $$$$$ to buy 24K Real Gold. haha. Definitely will have the instant feel-good moment when applying some bling to our eye make up. Plus its gold so it will look good on any skin tone too! Awesome product from KATE!

    Thanks for having this awesome giveaway! :D

    Email: daphnee90@gmail.com

  27. The goldish eyes eyeshadow is my favorite items in the spring summer collection. With the goldish color, it will brighten my eyes and give others a puppy look. I believe that boys will be in love with puppy eyes. Therefore, it's very convenient to bring it out because its small in size. I will apply it at my lower eyelid to make my eyes bigger and more attractive. Kate is my favorite make up brand because its not very expensive but the outcomes is superb.
    Email : onghueyshin@hotmail.com

  28. The shiny eyelid liner! Looks amazing and hopefully it can make my sepet eyes look like goldfish eyes (okay maybe not that big) instead, haha! I think this collection is a matchmake from heaven for my tiny tiny eyes. Yay for gorgeous goldfish/goldish eyes!

    Thanks for the tutorial and giveaway!


  29. I love Kate's products so much! Especially their new item, Shinny eyelid liner and it makes me want to have it so badly. What i love about Kate's Goldish eyeshadow is i can use it not only as everyday makeup but as party makeup as well! It's also good for those makeup beginners as it already had matched all the colors in one palette. So convenience!
    Besides that, it blends so well into our Asian skin tone and it also can be used as a highlighter. =D


  30. The products I love from Kate's 2013 Spring Summer collection is the goldfish eyeshadow! It's super glamorous and most important thing is u could get a GOLDFISH EYES! I LOVE HOW AMAZING THIS EYESHADOW COULD BRING OUT A GOLDFISH EYES AFTER APPLYING KATE's eyeshadow.

    Email: jenn5821@gmail.com

  31. I love kate,s spring collection 2013 as it has gold color in it. I always like to look outstanding among the crowd.if i were to go clubbing or party, an attractive eye make up with kate,s new color shadow will be perfect to catch ppl attention.which girl dont like attention with compliment?with kate's product u will be the center of attraction!