Have you ever wonder what your life would become if you are all alone in this world without/far away from your family and friends (boyfriend/girlfriend is fall under friend category in this circumstance :p). I did think of that, and I know my life will be miserably sad and lonely :( 
I'm lucky to have a bunch of girlfriends that I can share everything to them. We love, we quarrel, we grow, we learn, we need each other like a family does. Having them is one of the best things in my life

I've this contradiction feeling whenever I'm back in Sibu because I knew I'll miss out our girly outing session. I understand my family is my priority, but to me missing out those outings means spending less time with my another family of different parents. Feel so blessed because we girls are sweet enough to always update each other life 24/7 to prevent anyone feel being left out. 

Thanks to technology goodness, we girls can chat on KakaoTalk or even have a group call maximum of 5 people in one time. 
Us having tipsy conversation while I was in Sibu and they were going clubbing, lol. 

My girlfriends are all addicted to KakaoTalk app because of its cute item store which you can download super cawaii sticker, emoticon, and theme for free (of course some of them require charges). 
Cuteness overloaded *pull hair*! I can't get enough of spamming these cute emoticons to my friends. 

Another good thing about Kakao that it is free for all! Who doesn't love free stuff? :p
You can know more about KaKaoTalk on www.facebook.com/kakaotalk.my or check our the video below. 

Trust me you gonna get addicted like me, wheee~
FreeTalk, KakaoTalk.