Today is a special date for me and huannie, gonna celebrate our 4th year anniversary tonight♥  
Don't want to reveal so much because I'll definitely Instagram and blog about it. Just stay tune :D 

So anyway, after the long haul post of Sydney it's time for something new where I went in Bangkok. Not sure whether it's a tourist-must-visit-place, but Chocolate Ville ambience is too pretty! It takes about an hour to drive here from town, and remember to avoid going during afterwork hours.

Do not get too overwhelmed by the scenery, stay calm and get your seating number at The White House Terrace. When this thing vibrates, it means your seat is ready. A very convenient  way because while waiting for the seat, you can actually take some shots of the place.

With all my smart pharmacist-to-be friends except for the orange-coloured shirt gentleman. 

I wouldn't say they serve the best food in town, but with that beautiful scenery and relaxing atmosphere plus superb service, their food instantly taste better. WHAT SORCERY IS THIS, LOL :p

Would definitely go again because my friend told me the sunset scenery there is something that I would not want to miss, which clearly i've missed it T_________T 
That's pretty much for today x