June 7, 2013

Topshop Make Up Feature!

I've something very exciting to share with you guys. My first ever make up tutorial using all Topshop make up products which I received earlier. It wasn't a full make up tutorial because i've pre-applied my base and brows. Perhaps I should do one full make up soon. 
But anyway, check out my tutorial now :D
Just in case you can't see the products clearly, here's a picture for reference.
So if you love my make up and madly crazy to purchase the products, don't miss out Topshop Make Up 20% OFF promo by just purchasing 2 units or more (it doesn't applicable to discounted/promotional items). Promotion valid from 6th till 16th June 2013. 
Every girls start dolling up nowwww


  1. I watched the entire video tutorial, you look really pretty and kawaii, Nana! This look looks really good on you! ^o^ But hor, I thought is apply eyeshadow first then only apply eyeliner not mehh?

    If not, my whole life has been a lie T^T

    Celyx Lim

    1. Thanks. Actually it doesn't matter one, depends on whether you want to enhance your eyeliner more or eyeshadow. You can do it alternatively :)

  2. like your tutorial best! keep it up!! :)