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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Monotone sporty look

 Comme des Gar├žons shirt // Topshop over-knee skirt // Nike Flyknit shoes // Louis Vuitton vintage backpack // Balenciaga bracelet  

It feels great when you dress up nicely and there is someone who can do the style shoot for you. I'm lucky to have my girlfriends with me while we were traveling to Singapore last weekend. One thing you want to know about Singapore is that you have to do a lot of walking if you are shopping around Orchard area. Sporty chic style then become my favourite look because you can walk long times and not feeling leg sore. Keeping to a monotone colour scheme, I complete the look with a white leather snapback and a black vintage backpack. 

It so happened that Ashley wore a monotone colour outfit on that day as well. Certainly I wouldn't miss out the chance to have a matching outfit shots with her. Looking good right, HA :D

It was a hectic week. I was busy going around several locations for the Topshop Zine tour event, and today will be my last stop at Penang. If you happen to be there, do drop my and say hi :)
I promise I'll not bore you guys with my birthday celebration post again (at least this year), so this is the last one. *wink
Along with the tornado return of Jasiminne Yip, me and Mich-chan were already planning to have a leo's night out. Just so impromptu that Jas wanted to go for a spa session before our leo's birthday dinner @ Cantaloupe, Troika Sky Dining

One hour tai-tai relaxing time @ Starhill Spa has turned us into bimbo. After finished the spa, we were waiting for the valet to bring up Jas's car. Then we saw her silver Mercedes appeared, without any hesitation Jas told us it was her car. I vividly remembered she was playing on her phone and didn't even look at the car number plate. Mich just jumped into the front seat and I was anxious to be sure my laptop was still inside the car. Obviously it wasn't. I shouted "Where's my laptop!!!??", at the same time a guy was walking towards the driver seat, who shocked Mich. I wasn't sure how long it takes for Jas to only realize it wasn't her car. SO BIMBO, LOL!

Here was our dining view at the outdoor table, magnificent indeed :)

Digging in...
Amuse bouche. 
I shared a lobster with Mich, while Jas had the whole plate of foie gras terrine all by herself. 
Our mains:
Mich's cod, which was tasteless according to her taste bud. 
My salmon rossini was so good. I know the physical presentation isn't that nice, but the combination of salmon, beef jus, braised oxtail and pan seared foie gras escalope are so tasty. 
Jas's wagyu beef. I personally think the portion is way too small :/
Truffle as our dessert. 

Our girly night out was the same night as the Linkin Park world tour in Malaysia. Too bad we couldn't make it and ended up me and Jas were headbanging inside the car while waiting Mich to get her keys from Berjaya Time Square hotel. 
Here were short clips of us feeling so excited because the concert was streaming live on radio. 

That was pretty much for our night, till the next bonding time.

My ootn: Topshop dress // Givenchy bag // Zara heels.
Swank bomber jacket // Topshop long tee and skirts // Naked Kimchi boots // Givenchy madonna clutch// Martin Maison Margiela necklace // Uniqlo socks 

My love for bomber jacket never fade. Made prevalent in the mid 80's, this outerwear trend is coming back in a huge way! Simply paired it with your favorite jeans, this jacket will top off your look instantly. 
You'll see many bomber jackets come in flashy bold colours in recent runways, but I will still go for black like the one I was wearing the other day. Though it's not plain black, but its base colour is black. The silver pleads with monochromatic barbwire embroidery on sleeves is the details that make this piece so unique.

Not forget to tag along my boyfriend's ootd, his fav ninja's style :D
Boris Bidjan Saberi ninja hooded jersey // Zara pants // Rick Owens sneakers 

Before I end couple styling post, I've something good for you guys!
Have you guys heard of Arthur's Day celebration?
If you have yet to attend one, you definitely must go this year. 
Date: 27th September 2013 (Friday)
Time: 6.00PM till late
Venue: Sepang International Circuit Welcome Centre
These musicians are coming to perform at Arthur's Day 2013 and I'm giving away three pairs of passes (each worth RM118).
All you have to do is to drop me a comment below this post and tell me why you deserve to win along with your contact email.  
Contest will end by 25th September 2013, 12pm sharp. Three winners with most creative answers will be chosen on the same date. 

For more information on event background, lineups, location map and many more tips head over here arthursday.com.my
Kindly note that event is only open to non-Muslims aged 18 years and above.

Good luck guys!
Friday, September 20, 2013


This girl has finally turned 21. Youngest among our gang, but the most independent and smartest (in some way, lol). 
Needless to write in details as you guys would probably read or see the similar pictures from Jane, Ash or Daphne's blog. So I'll skip to the 'let the picture speaks the party moments' part :)
The theme of the party is badass, RAWR!
Sho happyyyy :D
So who's the baddest now?

PS: Flying to Singapore in a bit, see you if i see you