I'll never get bored going to Disneyland. Less than four hours flight from KL, HongKong Disneyland is the most accessible Disney theme park to Malaysia. It was my second time to HKDL, this time they have completed their final expansion project that includes more fun and thrilling games. I will not reveal the new games yet, so just read on *wink*

During the 4D3N stay in Hollywood Hotel in HKDL, I've this big room all by myself. I should have brought my fam or friends along right?!! 

The second day, me and other bloggers were up early for shooting. It was my first time shooting at a theme park, also first time shooting overseas. Feeling awesome :D

My ootd -  Topshop jersey top and joni jeans // New Balance sneakers // 3.1 Phillip Lim bag // Super Shades.

A little introduction of this HongKong Disneyland Challenge Trail (HKDLTRAIL) shoot as bloggers were spread into two teams (read vs blue) to complete the challenges that involved us to play the new games upon this final expansion of HongKong Disneyland. 
Red team - Esther (one of the winner of HKDLTRAIL), Kakak Redmummy (right), and led by Naz. 
Blue team - Abang Nara (left), Rayyan, Gwen (one of the HKDLTRAIL winner), and led by Aishah. 

How we act in front and behind the camera, lol. 

1st Challenge @ Grizzly Gulch 
We sat the Big Grizzly Mountain ride that allowed us to enjoy the speed! Not so cool for me because I'm not a roller coaster person. But surprisingly I felt fun after the first ride, the most exciting part is when you thought the ride was going to stop, it wasn't and it speeded up and went backwards. Apart from the speed we have to 'enjoy', we needed to look out for the colour cards and do particular facial expressions that previously have assigned to us. I couldn't remember how many cards I saw and how many expressions I did, because all I knew was screaming. I guess you guys will see when the show is released.

2nd Challenge @ Toy Story Land
Exclusive-to-Asia, Toy Story Land is my most anticipating one. Inspired by the global blockbuster Toy Story movies, the park brings the magic of Toy Story to life, shrinking every guests to the size of a toy. We were asked to sit on Andy's speediest toy car RC Racer while naming the characters of Disney. By just looking at the ride, it scared the hell out of me :O Plus Aishah's personal issue which disallowed her to take the ride. 
Therefore, each teams sent their bravest representative (Esther represented Red team, Gwen represent Blue team) to sit on the ride of 27-meter-high U-shaped track. I think Naz is the bravest among all because he needed to sit for twice for recording purpose. A round of applause for Naz :)
Here were some candid shots before they going onto the ride, Esther looking really excited and only God knows why.
Spotted Naz and Ester in the red circle I highlight. Scary shit x 89359234

3rd Challenge @ Fantasyland
We were sitting on an oversized tea cup, zanily spinning and turning while we solving some mathematical equations on the cards. Kak Red told us she wasn't good at maths, so we decided to let Kak Red held the camera while Esther and I handled the calculations. 
Of course, we won this round and check out how complacent Naz was, lol :D

After 3 battle rounds, we had a short break so I took some time to explore a new face of Disneyland as the whole place was designed to fit the haunted Halloween theme. 

Also met the cutie pie Soraya enjoyed sitting on his daddy shoulder and posing with his head. 

4th Challenge @ Main Street USA
We visited 'Monster University' Animation Academy and learnt how to sketch Mickey Mouse. The contestant who draws the most beautiful Mickey Mouse (judged by the drawing teacher at the Art Club) will win this challenge. I couldn't stop laughing while the teacher was demonstrating us in Cantonese on how to draw Mickey, which most of the contestants could not understand. So I voluntarily translated it to English that made me hardly focus on drawing and turned out my Mickey looked more like Winnie the Pooh. LOL! Luckily we have Esther, who draws pretty well in our team and again we won this drawing challenge. 

5th Challenge @ Mystic Point
The final challenge required us to answer a sheet of questions that were related the sophisticated Mystic Manor ride. We traveled around the world of Albert, Lord Henry Mystic's monkey trusted companion and enjoyed watching a tour of his extensive private collection acquired during his travels. Here was the trick, we were invited to dine at Explorer's Club restaurant (which is certified to serve Halal food) first before answering the questions. But by that time, we would probably forgot the images we seen. 

We were rewarded by the spectacular nightly fireworks performance after a whole day of shooting. The castle and fireworks looked as pretty as the first time I watched them. It was a fun-filled day spent at HongKong Disneyland with all the bloggers and NTV 7 crew. The show, if not mistaken will be out at the end of October or early Nov at channel NTV 7, The Breakfast show. Stay tune on my social media sites for the latest updates! 

Once again thank you HongKong Disneyland and NTV 7 crew for giving me a wonderful trip, looking forward to our future collaboration.