Couldn't be more agreed on this quote. 

When comes to shopping, technology has definitely brought it up to another level. As you can shop whenever and whereever you are.
#1 In the car while going out.
#2 On bed before sleeping.
#3 Anytime at home while surfing online. 

So you would ask me which online shopping website do I usually visit? 
MYSALE is one of them. It is part of the largest shopping club in Australasia under APACSALE Group. Among so many online retail websites, MYSALE offers an online clearance channel allowing visual shoppers to purchase the biggest global brands across four different continents at their best price through their private membership database. 

MYSALE has worked with over 1000 brand partners across 8 categories - Ladieswear, Childrenswear, Menswear, Homeware, Toys, Health & Beauty, Footwear and Accessories offering up to 100,000 different styles online at one stop. Sometimes, you can even buy item that discounts up to 80%!!! Because the sales time starts differently according to brands, so it's better to receive regular alerts when you sign up to be a member. As we all know you don't want to miss out any chance shopping at a great deal at MYSALE right? :D
Did I mention the membership is FREE? Yes, it's FREE :D

So this is basically what happen when I do online shopping. 
Me: Dear, this scarf looks damn nice right? Can I buy this, can i buy this?
Huannie: It looks fine. Why don't you buy at their retail shop at xxx mall so that you can try it on?
Me: Don't want. MYSALE is selling at a discount price, and it's worth it!!! Please, I wanna buy *puppy eyes*?
Huannie: Ok fine. Just use my credit card. And you better check whether they are shipping worldwide?
Me: YES! THEY ARE! Yay, thank you dear 
Happy girl is happy now because she got her scarf from MYSALE at greater deal.

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