Life is beautiful when you can watch the ocean view everyday and fall asleep listening to the waves crashing onto the beach. 

I was invited to experience an enjoyable gateway at the Eco-Nature resort, Club Med Cherating Beach. It was about 4.5 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur, if you want to have a short escape from the hectic stressful city life here might be a good choice :) First day arrival after checking in, I was tired and I just wanted to slack on the sunbed. I had have no plus one to bring along, so I've the suit that faces partial South China ocean view all by myself.

Since I was alone, here you go a lot of selfies which I taken using camera timer. Pardon my vanity :p

Not gonna write a long-winded post about Club Med Cherating as you know (if you follow my Instagram closely) I'm still at Bangkok, so stay tune for more.
Loves from Bkk x