Attended DEFINE event last Sunday with my usual fashionista gang :D
I wasn't sure what's DEFINE about so I did some research. DEFINE is basically a series of lifestyle events that advocate self-expression through the urban indulgence like fashion, art, music and etc. The event is strictly by invitation only and I love this idea of keeping the event quite an underground exclusive party where artistes in town can be brought together to express themselves freely through DEINE party. Aspiring local fashion designers include Joe Chia, Tsyahmi, Silas Liew, Jiman Casablancas and Brandon Ong (YaaSui), were having a mini fashion show that night accompanied by great music, food and drinks. 

Joe Chia started off the show with its usual black, followed by Tsyahmi's sporty collection, Silas's wet-hair with casual looks, and Jiman's rebellious bad girl collection. YaaSui brought their crazy madness into their collection by making their models to present in a psychic way. Brandon definitely created a WOAH while closing the show. 
Group pictures of all the designers and models. 

Now more pictures time, keep scrolling :)

With Tongue in Chic's Zoe, and Sharinna. 
Met a new friend, Ai Leng dressed in red :)

Cool models, Amanda and Sheena. 

Inspiring potraits. 

 Me and huannie wore matchy black outfit that night.
Mine - Cookie H dress from Lonely Dream Store // Givenchy obsedia bag // Topshop platform heels. 
His - Uniqlo linen shirt // LabHomme Noir white tee // Jill J pants // Y.Project boots // Super shades. 

That was a great fashion night out with my gang, I'm looking forward for more fashion events like this.