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Here's a chance for you guys to win lots of prizes with Herbal Essences. There are two platforms to enter the competition.
Option 1
Are you a 'Sweet Rose' or 'Soft Lavender'? Tell me why. The best 4 comments will win. 

 Option 2
Upload a picture of your best Japan Inspire OOTD/Make-up Styles/Hairstyles on Instagram with hastag #HerbalEssences, tag me (@Nanabwincess) and @Nuffnang. Remember to set your Instagram acc to public to be in the running to win. 

A total of 20 winners will be chosen to the Herbal Essences Neo-Gal Party where Cheesie, Chuckei, BoBoStephanie, Fourfeetnine, Miasuraya and Myamethyst-shea and ME will be there to party with you guys.

Neo-Gal Party details as follow:
Date - 13th April 2013 (Sunday)
Time - 4.30pm - 730pm
Venue - The Pool, Jalan Ampang
Dresscode - Neo Gal

Contest begins on 3rd March to 31st March. Better squeeze your brain juices and make yourself stand out. 
Good luck x
Zara turtleneck top and heels // De Prinzessin skirt // Saint Laurent chain wallet 

Are you ready to go longer? Time for a 180-degree change of your wardrobe, dump all your mini skirts and let's invest in skirts, specifically longer, to-the-knee skirts that are feminine, fitted, and fairly dress up. It almost seems awkward for most of the girls, like there seems to be something a bit off about having a skirt pass the knee showing the calf of their legs, and feeling like a part of the Amish. But when it's done right like Autumn/Winter 2014 collection at 3.1 Phillip Lim, Diane von Furstenberg, Jonathan Saunders, Marni, Victoria Beckham, to name a few, it will create the epitome of ladylike chic.

When you get the right length, the next thing is to re-proportion everything else. First, I paired it with a turtleneck by tucking in. Avoid top goes far below your waist because you don't want your body to look like a 5:5 proportion. On to shoes. You can put on either a pair of stilettos or boots to have a different look. Stilettos (like mine) will define an elegant and classic style, meanwhile boots will create a more sophisticated stylish look.

Have fun styling this tricky calf length skirt x
Today what's in my bag? 
From the upper left, my phone with my recent favourite Chanel 5 perfume inspired casing, Eclipse mints, L'occitane hand cream, Laneige lipstick, Linda Farrow sunglasses and Balenciaga wallet. 

You realize there is only one make up item I bring along these days. Carrying bulky make up pouch is no longer my thing, I only pick the most important make up item with me whenever I'm out to make sure I'm always in a confident ready-to-meet-people condition :) 
Let's do a short review about how wonderful is this Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick. I came to know about this product is because Cheon Song Yi is wearing it. Don't know who's Cheong Song Yi??? She is the main actress of one famous Korean drama, 'You who came from the star'. Her looks in the drama is so prettyyy, and I guess the impact of celebrity endorsement just hit me. 

I went to Laneige counter right after I watched the drama, and got myself a Flash Pink colour lipstick. 
The texture is more moisture and soft, which makes it very easy to apply with just I glide. Now let me show you how Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick does wonders.
Before applying lipstick.
After applying lipstick.
Amazing right?!! My face instantly glows and brightens with the application of this vivid pink colour lipstick. 

After you choosing the right lipstick, you shall know the ways to apply it. 
I usually go for a full lip make up that lipstick is applied fully along with my outer line of lips. For a gradation lip makeup (shown in the second pic), you can top your lips with concealer and then apply the lipstick only in the middle of lips. This will create a more natural look.

Make lipstick to one of your essentials now. I'm sure you will be happy to find out the result. For more information about Laneige lipstick, you can go to www.facebook.com/laneigemalaysia or www.laneige.com.my :)
Let lipstick does wonders on you.
Fashion Bloggerrr top // Topshop two-tone leather bomber jacket // Zara leather skirt // Infor boots // Chanel boy bag

Leather jackets is timeless, which is the reason I've decided to highlight the most versatile style of leather jacket - the bomber. A bomber jacket is the best layering piece you can lay your hands on to highlight your fashion statement. You will be delighted to know that a leather bomber jacket comes in wide varieties, double-breasted, rugged sport, cropped, hooded, ribbed and military styled. 

Pairing it with my monotone casual chic look with this two-tone leather bomber jacket is perfectly effortless. Its versatility is such that you can team it with dresses (which I did before in Topshop Zine tour look), shorts, and denims. Get one yourself and I can assure you it will be a piece in your wardrobe that never goes out of style.  
YAY, my Valentine surprise mission was totally a success! At first I was worried I wouldn't have enough time to get the materials as Huannie's flight had changed to an earlier one and I would need to prepare all these when he was home with me, which made it more difficult to surprise him. But somehow I managed to do these. Look how happy he was and how he smiled while reading the special cards I made him, warms my heart again. 

Few days before Valentine, we both thought we wouldn't be able to make it to our dinner as Huannie was still working overseas. Lucky us and lucky me, he managed to come back on time and we went to Le Midi restaurant for our candle light dinner. It wasn't the best dining experience we had, the food was really below average. I'm not sure if I should accept my self-explained excuse for them of having a fully booked situation where the chef was not able to make as equal good quality food as the usual hours. Besides the food, there was a lack of staffs with a fully booked dinner services. I could see they were really working on this as our five course Valentine's dinner set was served very fast. Starter was served less than 10 minutes after we settled down (which is fine), however entrée, first course, main course and desserts were all served like they were rushing us to finish our dishes :/ I was asking Huannie shall we give another try while there is lesser crowd, his answer was a NO. So i guess this will be our last dining at Le Midi.

Below are our first-course Valentine dinner set with my food ratings. 
Marinated beef carpaccio with toasted almonds and white celery, 4 out of 5.
Mozzarella ravioli with basil pesto sauce, 3 out of 5. 
Fagliolini with lobster and zucchini, 2 out of 5.
Barramundi fillet with asparagus and lime in Prosecco wine reduction, 1 out of 5.
Duck breast with honey and sweet wine with onions and cinnamon apple purée, 4 out of 5.
Chocolate fondente delice with orange Chantilly, 3 out of 5. 
My ratings do not reflect overall food feedback :)

The food didn't bother us long as we had more important thing to do after that - taking our Valentine outfit shots. So vain :D
I'm wearing:
Fashion Bloggerrr top // H&M skirt // Christian Louboutin heels // Chanel Boy bag

Huannie wearing:
Helmut Lang jacket // Rick Owens pants and sneakers

Dear Love Lord, we both have been through a lot last year. Love, appreciation and trust keep us together. I'm feeling blessed
Love you boo x

PS: I'm still waiting for my belated V present, don't try to run away :p