Happy Birthday to my jiejie Michelle. You have been a good sister of mine and I'm really happy that I've met you a year ago at Heineken event. I wasn't expect our friendship could grow so much in a year, you know you are one of the important ones in my life :) You can't never get away from a Leo :p

Mich's party was held last Saturday at her apartment's newly built sky beach. Free flow of rosé champagne, beer and green tea, food prepared by Mich's mom and barbecued chickens wings, lambs and etc by chef Marcus (Mich's husband). Specially thanks to YummyFlowerz for delivering a beautiful fruits bouquet. In fact everyones loves fruits compared to useless flower bouquet, lol. Lina got the birthday girl a piñata for celebration purpose, and Sheena named it Seamus. Before Seamus was being broken (Oh, poor Seamus), everybody was busying taking selfie with her. 

Of course we arrived earlier not only to decorate the place, most importantly to do some outfit shots and selfie. Dusk lightning is the best isn't it?
I was wearing Mermaid Dreams collection. Super in love with this tiffany blue high waisted bikini

Sheena (left), Mich and me :D
Us with Jolyna (center).

Party continued till night...
Sue Ann (center), Zen and Jas. 
Sheena and David (her fiancé) look so cute here :)
With my one-and-only diva jiejie who came straight from the airport. Awesome Leo friend!!!

Girls jacuzzi bonding time. Aaron is considered girlfriend as well :p
Cray cray jumping shot with Mich :D We were both wearing Mermaid Dreams bikini designs. 

Forget about the cake, Mich has piñata to hit. Poor Seamus had her head hanging on the branch, while her leftover body was hit and all candies were scattered all over the grass.

Then it was opening present time. Mich was so happy to receive her most-ever-wanted bambi clutch from us. She even acted posing naked covered her body with the Givenchy paper bag, troll! Sue Ann suggested Mich bottoms up the whisky and she did. The aftermath you can let the pictures below speak. She even performed a rabbit dance for us, which I guess I'm not allowed to post the video here. Mich will probably kill me if she knows that I've it written in this post :p

It was one of the crazy night. I hope we can always be as crazy as this. 
Be forever young, wild and free