No matter what stage of life you are in, I believe every girl desires to look and feel their best. My biggest face concern was my eyebag (which I've blogged earlier, click here to read more), and now is my unbalance face couture, and skin dullness that is mainly due to the gradual effects of sun exposure, stress, unbalance diet or late night lifestyle. 
Below is a picture taken last year before I received any aesthetic treatments.

Thanks to the science of aesthetics, we girls now can easily retain our youthful appearance through several treatments without any surgical procedures. Many of you must be curious of what I've done with my face to enhance my beauty. Here comes the big revelation of my Urunique Photoshop-less Treatment:
#1 Restylane fillers 
There are only a few FDA-approved filler brands in the market, Restylane is one of trusted brand. It is the first non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid, meaning limited risk of animal-based disease transmission or development of allergic reaction to animal proteins. I've heard too many failure cases performed by other non-certified clinics or beauty saloons where their doctors/nurses/beauticians do not have qualifications to do injections for consumers. 
Dr Rachel Chew, who I've mentioned a lot on my Instagram is a passionate woman with artistic talent and competent technical skills in aesthetic field. During my consultation, I told her I wanted to achieve a more defined and balanced face couture. She then assessed my current face condition and explain in details on her unique techniques to emphasize my face proportion. The whole procedure took less than 1 hour included the numbing process which helped reduce the pain level. I felt almost painless during the entire process, however it varies according to one's pain tolerance. There is very short downtime, maybe a day or two depends how serious you are. I personally had experienced no downtime for this treatment because those tiny reddish spots on my face can be easily covered by concealer. 

#2 Urunique Cinderella Brightening treatment 
This isn't just any normal brightening treatment you can get at any aesthetic clinics. The power of Cinderella not only helps skin to restore hydration, but also creates the glowing radiant effect which all girls wanted. You can see the results after 2 days according to my personal experience.

Putting makeup underneath your skin? 
Big YES!
But before you go for any aesthetic treatments, I hereby advise you guys to do a detailed research of the clinics and doctors to make sure they are certified and qualifed, in addition on the brands of aesthetic products they use to make sure they are safe and natural.

If you have any aesthetic enquires, feel free to arrange a free consultation with Dr Rachel Chew @ Skin Art Clinic.
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