Attended KOSÉ Sekkisei event last Thursday with my girlfriends. I was excited because the day before Daphne has already went to the workshop and she kept on telling me and Jane there will be a super cute Japanese make up artist demonstrating us how to use Sekkisei lotion mask. I told her not to show me the pictures because I didn't want to spoil the fun. 

The workshop started off with a quick introduction of KOSÉ Sekkisei brand knowledge and followed by a beauty & make up demonstration modeled by me. I didn't know we would need to remove our make up during the workshop (Ahh, should have let Daphne finish her story). I, Nat and Jane were fine removing our make up, but Povy because she had a dinner date after that. Therefore she was helping me to snap the whole session demonstration while me being model. 

Step 1 - Remove make up (only face)
Face feeling so fresh without any foundation or bb cream.

Step 2 - Apply Sekkisei lotion mask
Instead of using lotion / toner, Dobashi san (the cute makeup tutor) showed us how to turn lotion into a mask. 2in1 in a bottle, how cool!!! Due to the limited time, we only left it for 5 mins. While waiting, you can see everyone in their 'scary' mask on face. LOL! I can see my face became more translucent after that.

Step 3 - Apply emulsion and bb cream
Dobashi san squeezed amount of emulsion on a cotton pad and applied all over my face, he said (in Japanese, and of course we've a translator over there) it helps to balance our moisture level while delivering whitening effects. After a full absorption, he put bb cream (colour 2) on my face.

Tadaa, I felt prettier after a transformation by Dobashi san Frankly speaking, do you guys think he looks like Taiwan celebrity, Vanness Wu? *giggles*

Once again, thank you KOSÉ for inviting me to the workshop.
Product review of Sekkisei lotion and giveaways soon on my blog, stay tune.

Also be sure to check out KOSÉ Sekkisei Cinderella Malaysia 2014 contest.
Did I tell you guys that the winner will win herself a sponsored trip to Japan in 2015 for Sekkisei 30th anniversary party, 1 year supply of Sekkisei products, cover girl for magazine, and RM15, 000 cash prize. SO MANY GREAT PRIZES!!! 
Oh wait, I think i'm gonna join the contest too :p Good luck guys x