'Love yourself and everything else fall in line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.'
Isn't this quote deep and meaningful? It is the one thing I remind myself of all day. 
Of course they are many ways to love yourself. You can put on a beautiful make up, dress like a princess, pamper yourself with desserts, go travel, or even learn new things and make new friends. All these things sum up love and happiness.

I do all the things mentioned above except that there is one more thing I do love more than anything else, my health. My love to take good care of my every body parts, especially the intimate part which some of you girls may have forgotten to care. Perhaps you may think you have no reasons to purchase a feminine hygiene wash just to clean that particular V part. But I'm telling you, you are wrong. Watch this video to know why.

 I've previously shared about my experience with Lactacyd Feminine Hygiene Wash (read it here) and it was great. Now they come out with a new refreshed packaging with the same great quality, natural ingredients and safe for everyday use to complete your beauty regime. There is also a new formulation with herbal essences packaged in the green bottle named all-day-fresh. It helps provide long last freshness for your V and makes you feel comfortable all day long. If you can't make up your mind which range to buy, perhaps you can first get free samples just a few clicks away at www.lactacyd.com.my/sample.

When you complete your beauty regime with Lactacyd, I'm sure you will be as confident as I'm, which makes you daring enough to take on some of your boldest fantasies in life.

Lactacyd is now giving every girls a golden chance to realize those dreams by joining their 'Bold pHantasies' challenge. Participation is simple. Gain the highest score possible for the “Bold Run” online game, select your preferred Bold pHantasy from our list of “Bold pHantasies” and write the reason why it is your ultimate dream to do it. Click here, www.facebook.com/lactacydloveyourv/app_766487630030082 to join now!
My preferred Bold pHantasy is simulated skydiving. Before I bracing up to do a real one, I really want this as a pre-skydiving training. So please please please, let me win. 

Wishing all the participants best luck too x