Day 4 in Tokyo was a bit disappointing because it was raining cats and dogs whole day. Our initial shopping spree at Shinjuku and sight-seeing at Tokyo Tower was forced to put on hold. On a brighter note,  we managed to dine at two must-visit restaurants in Tokyo.

#1 Ichiran Ramen @ Shinjuku. 
Ichiran is one of the popular ramen chain in Japan and I couldn't agree more wholeheartedly. We chose our ramen and toppings while making order through the vending machine at the restaurant entrance. After making our order, we were given a form to indicate our preference like noodle hardness, richness of soup, garlic or non garlic, spicy level and etc. We were then brought to individual small cubicle to wait for our ramen, which will be served through each curtained window in front of our wooden booths. 
I went wow over every sip of ramen with its amazingly thick, and rich broth. High recommend for people who visit Japan. Ichiran also has its branches at HongKong, so please go and try out their ramen if you are traveling either country anytime soon.

#2 The Great Burger @ Omotesando.
Jane was brainwashing us every single day, even before we flying off to Japan about how good their burgers are and she really wanted to bring us there. So there we were sitting down at an American-style interior restaurant featuring lovely wood panelling and playing cool old school tunes. Looking at their menu, it took me a while to decide which burgers to go for as they allow you to customize your own burgers. After much deliberation, I decided to go for the avocado burger, Jane and Huannie ordered their classic bacon cheese burger, and Ashley had mushroom flavour. The burger serves with either shoestrings or wedges. Every messy bites was so good, the patty was cooked to perfection and every ingredients was fresh! The Great Burger does live up to its name and serves just that great burgers, yums yums!

People who love to eat are always the best people - Julia Child
So in order to always be those best people in the world, we continued our foodie journey when we were back to our apartment. Each of us packed our own desserts while strolling around Isetan food court. Why Japan food court is so different from Malaysia one?!! 
Day 4 was completed with this wonderful crepe puff :)
You know there are more Tokyo posts coming up, stay tune.