After exploring Shibuya and Harajuku for days, me and Huannie decided to visit Aoyama. Known of its beautiful and unique architecture, Aoyama is filled with international and Japanese fashion boutiques that took us a while to find them all. We got down to the Aoyama station (JR line) only realized we have gone to the wrong place. Walked about 15 minutes to the correct Aoyama shopping district, then found out it is within walking distance from Harajuku. Dumbest thing to do ever T__T 
Aoyama shopping day! By shopping, I literally mean window shopping because all those high fashion brands are oh-too-expensive to buy but me and Huannie did got some items from the local brands like Undercover, Bape, Yohji Yamamoto and Mr Porter. 

It was one of those days when I managed to get a proper outfit shoot before raining cats and dogs. 
Lonely Dream mayan prints knitwear set // Louis Vuitton vintage backpack // Nike Air Max 90 

Passed by this Aoyama Flower Market which is famous of its flowering tea (according to my research), but we never go in because Huannie said he doesn't want to drink flowering tea. >,<''' Maybe next we went to Max Brenner. We queued for a while under the rain. It was fine because the staff here gave us an umbrella. Superb services! We had tried Max Brenner in Sydney, so we wanted to order something different this time. We ordered a decadent crêpe filled with chocolate hazelnut spread, sliced bananas, chocolate chunks and chopped hazelnut. It was a heavenly taste of sweetness when you ate along with its famous choco-pops and ice cream. I had a cup of white chocolate green tea which is Max Brenner 's Japan branch limited meanwhile Huan had their usual hot chocolate. 

We met up with Jane and Ash at night before dinner! We were all very excited because that night we have done it the local way. We strolled along Meguro River watching cherry blossom at night. The interesting thing I realized is that Japanese love to do hanami at whatever time at whereever place as long as there is sakura, even they have to yozakura under low temperature! Yusuke-san suggested we could yozakura (hanami at night) if we want, but of course we chose to go for a proper dining place with warm room temperature at least. So there we were, having yakitori, drinking beers, talking different languges and exchanging our cultures with theirs. So much fun!!! 
It was really nice meeting you guys, buriburi-san aka Yusuke who is forever tipsy, Daisuke-san and Louis who was in a blue shirt. I will definitely come back and have a buriburi session once again.
Japan, I'm missing you again x