She is one of the girl that I would put a gun on her head and shoot her because sometimes she is too pessimistic about life. Lucky her, she has us now. Transmitting some positive energy to her, telling her how beautiful she is, how talented she is, and how lucky she is to have us. Right Daphne Charice? :p

She said she has never a celebration like this before, so we gave her one. She said she wanted to have Chinese cuisine because we can all sit together on a round table which represents a togetherness. Unlike the western long table style, we can talk and bond closely. Also thanks to YummyFlowerz for sending us a huge fruit bouquet which is just nice to serve as a dessert. 

LengLeng even got her a customised 'The Fault In Our Stars' birthday that she is crazily in love. When Daphne gone crazy on something or someone, you gonna be prepared cuz she gonna make everyone around her fall in as well. She will either whining about how good the story lines are, or humming that particular song. This is Daphne, her true self. 
We all love you because who you are, so stop complaining and be yourself. 

Endless love x