Music is my life, music is everyone's life! No matter what music genre you love, music can unite us all together even though some of us don't even know what's the lyrics about. Take myself as an example, I  love listen to Cantonese songs but that doesn't mean I fully understand the meaning of those songs; it is the melody that matters the most. 

What if I tell you there's an app that has rolling lyrics while you playing songs and you can do karaoke on-the-go?
The application is called KKBOX, the leading digital music subscription services provider in Asia. Featuring over 10 million music tracks from more than 500 major and local music labels and publishers, KKBOX also hosts the largest Chinese music library in the world. Initially launched in Taiwan in 2004, KKBOX has expanded to other Asia countries like Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. 

Rolling lyrics oh yeahhhhhh :D
因為孤獨的總和 讓我們相互依偎着
擁抱彼此的感傷 即使不能擁有
我們是孤獨的總和 所以相聚了
因你而起伏的感受 怎麼掙脫...
Another feature of KKBOX is that you can excess to your playlists through your smart phones, table or PC whenever and wherever you are. All songs can be played in an offline mode once you have download them. You can even get connected with celebrities you idolised and listen to the songs they played and get the opportunities to chat with them whenever they are online! Try to find me on KKBOX and listen what am I playing :p 

Besides karaoke on-the-go, I'm loving this QuickPlay feature where you can create a temporary playlist according to your mood. Let's say today you are feeling sad and you want to listen to Mandarin songs produced from year 2000 to 2010, KKBOX then will automatically gather all the songs on your playlist so that you don't have to search one by one. Very time-saving :D

KKBOX works as a one-stop platform that provides localized editorial content via a local editorial team. This enables Malaysian users to access the very latest in music updates, exclusive artiste interviews, album reviews, as well as concert and LIVE reviews. You can get first-hand information and listen to the latest songs of all genres and languages by going to the KKBOX charts. I'm sure you won't miss out any good songs ever again! 

Join KKBOX now and become a free trial member. Simply sign up, download and install KKBOX App for FREE. If you sign up with your Facebook Account, you will get 7 days free trial. After that, upgrade to premium membership at as low as RM 1 per day, RM4.90 for 7 days, RM14.90 for 30 days. If you subscribe to RM44.70 for 90 days, you will get extra 5 days for FREE meanwhile one year subscription worth RM178.80 get a month for FREE!
For more infor, visit KKBOX official website

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