Hello there, it’s been long since my last beauty post. Today I’m gonna share with you guys my experience with Skinartesse Cinderella Stemcell Peeling.

I’ve a sensitive skin and I could think every kind of reason why I wouldn’t want acid to be poured on my face so usually I always stick to at-home peels which the result wasn’t clearly to be seen. Until I met Dr Rachel Chew, all that changed. The Green Apple Stemcell Peeling procedure is suitable for even the most delicate skin types. It is made with a gentle yet effective dose of organic green apple extract. It exfoliates and lightens hyperpigmentation, improves uneven skin tone, congested skin, and big pore, in addition melts away blackheads/whiteheads.
The treatment takes about 10 minutes, starting off with a quick cleansing process. Later the green apple extract (lactic acid) cream mask is painted on my face and left for about 2 to 3 minutes. There is this mild tingle and burning feeling that make me know it’s really working. Once it is off, a boost up serum followd up with a moisturizer is applied all over my face.

This was my skin condition right after Cinderella skin peeling treatment.
Natural glowing skin!!!

The main reason why I was persuaded to try out this skin peel is because it does not cause much downtime at all. Here is a picture a day after I done skin peeling, there was only a small breakout on my right cheek.
Other than that, you can expect neither redness nor peeling. Before I even tried to cover up my breakout, it has already gone while I was washing my face the third day. To be precise, my downtime was about 2 days. But it varies depending on your skin condition.

Days after I did Skinartesse Cinderella Stemcell Peeling…
My skin become smoother, softer, brighter :D 

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