Boo! I'ts been another busy month piling up with work, events and of course the usual social bondings. Things are getting back on track. I'm trying to find a balance between both of my jobs. Frankly speaking, it's not easy to juggle both sides. I struggle, I cry, I doubt myself why do i have to make myself so tired. I knew the answer, but I was lost for a while and I didn't know what I was fighting for. Those were the dark days. I'm blessed, truly blessed to have my friends and parents to give me emotionally support when I needed the most. 

There are some Sept & Oct's highlights!
I went to John Legend's concert. I was in awe of his vocal. How one can sing so romantically...It definitely was one of the best concert experiences I ever have.  

 My bikini collection, Mermaid Dreams is now available at the pop-up store @ The School, Jaya One. Feel free to drop by as now you get a chance to try on my bikini designs before purchase. Better fittings.  Me and Michelle now is in progress of our second collection, stay tune :)

Friends for life. Missing out 3 people here, Bunny, Vivi and Liza, we've missed you. Each of us is going our own path now, we may meet different people we may see things differently but no matter what we stay together we have each other. I'm really glad to have you girls in my life. Cheers to many more years of friendship.

My goddaughter turned two this month. Egg surprise for this little one! How time flies. I still remember how tiny you are when you were born, and now you can speak and even call my name. Can anyone put these sweet moments on hold? I just want to enjoy a little more before she grows up.

Spent some quality bonding time with my doggie, like finally. I was worried he may forgot me because I've not seen him for almost a month, but the moment he saw me he licked me, he jumped on me and I know he will never have me forgotten. I brought him to the park, he was really enjoyed running around and making friends. I could see him smiling and that melted my heart. I promise to bring you out more often ok? :)

Coffee errryyyday. Appreciate little things in life. A cup of flat white, a comfortable chic outfit, a good weather...all these are enough to brighten my day. What about you? Try to search happiness in simplest things because they are all come for free. Love, passion, friendship and many more...

To the little sweet thing in life.