Never Follow Suit sleeveless top // Topshop jeans // Jeffrey Campbell shoes // Balenciaga bracelet

Fashion rules are meant to break, say the Canadian Tuxedo which was once fabled faux pas in the 90s has evolved into a chic sartorial trend. This shift is pretty much attributed to the rise of street style blogger. You can even seen this look on Cara Delevingne, Cameron Diaz, Rihanna and many more other A-listers.

When comes to dress head-to-toe denim look, some people may hesitate. Yet I love the look of head-to-toe denim ensemble because I can just pair my basic blue jeans with a button up chambray shirt. Instead of chambray, I created this denim-on-denim look with a corduroy sleeveless top, which very much look like a denim. The trick with denim-on-denim is to make sure you balance your shades of blue by pairing a lighter denim with a darker wash one that will appear fashionably edgy chic.

Can't decide what to wear for this weekend? Get yourself in gear to give this look a try.
Happy styling ladies.