Was scrolling through my library and I though I shall write about the concert I went last month. Ed Sheeran X Tour was amazingly great. My girlfriends and I were so jealous because Daphne managed to meet Ed in person, but I guess she deserved it. Everyone knows how much Daphne loves Ed, she even told us she wanted to marry him, lol. Hardcore fan!
I didn't took much pictures that night because I was giving my full attention watching his performance. I've to say Ed is really really good. His ginger hair wasn't that bad when I saw him in real, I mean it looked perfectly fine from far :D 
The only annoying part during the concert was some people screaming and shouting like "I love you Ed"  in the middle of him singing some romantic love songs. BIG NO NO to all the fans out there. It was funny when Ed was trying to calm his fans down while he was trying to play Tenerife Sea. Guess  whoever who loves to scream shall learn watching concert etiquette to know when to cheer and scream at the right time.

I recorded some videos. Pardon my shaky hands as I've tried my best to stabilise whilst watching Ed performed. 

Thank you GWL for bringing me to watch him live, I was so touched when he sang our song that night *goosebumps*. 
Ed Sheeran concert checked, more amazing concerts like this please.