What do you expect when you attend an event? An experience, definitely a happy one. Pictures often help us to keep our memories and experiences. Therefore, I always like the idea of photo booth where you can capture the memorable moments with friends during the event. I previously has partnered with Fotobox for my Mermaid Dreams Mono Pop 2015 collection launch party. Look how pretty was this customised photo booth. I hope all the attendees took enough pictures with this.

Speaking of this traditional photo booth, Fotobox recently has came out with the latest devise - Mobsta. It is a fully portable devise whereby this solution provides engagements to guests anywhere and anytime within an event space. As Mobsta is able to move around, pictures are taken instantly and generated higher social traffic and data to the clienteles. 
Regardless small or large scale events, Mobsta will work depending on the objectives to achieve. This is an easy sharing flow mechanism within via an optimised EDM straight to the users e-mail address. Basically most of us are already connected to Facebook and Instagram itself, by pushing a tap this allows guests to share their photo instantly. 
Below are some of their previous events. 

Besides, they have recently introduced another new device called HELLOGIF. In conjunction with the launch, they are giving away 10 FREE trials, all you need to do is just to s
ubmit the form here.
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Contact: +603 7886 7737 / ask@whatisfotobox.com