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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Girls Trip to Lombok - Day 1

Carefree days is simple and luxurious. 

I went to Lombok early this month with my girlfriends. After years, finally we made our girls trip happened but too bad we were missing out Jane. We were all very excited because all of us have never been to Lombok before. 

The journey from Lombok to Gili Trawangan was a pain in the butt. After 3 hours flight from KL to Lombok airport, we have pre-booked our pick up car from airport to drive us to harbour. We then took another 35 mins speed boat ride to the island. Finally we engaged 2 cidomos (a small horse-drawn carriage) to travel to our hotel. There is no other options for get to your hotel, is either you walk or take a cidomo. 

After hours of journey, we finally arrived at Belukar Villa. This tropical resort is situated away from the busy, chaotic and tourist driven hot spots on Trawangan beach front. It can be quite a challenge to walk or ride in the evening because there are no street lights on the way back and it will be worse if your bicycles come without flash lights. We all ended up using our phone lights to bring us back. Apart from the challenging journey, I love the tropical design of this villa especially the semi-open air bathroom. At night, it is like shower beneath the stars. 

We headed out to Ombok Sunset where is a must-go when you are at Gili Trawangan. Placed in the shallow waters at the beach, this is a fun adventure which you can ride the swings and capture a great photo with the sunset. We didn't queue up on the first day as we were enjoying ourselves too much. 

When the sun set, we moved on to find some good food. It was another 10 to 15 mins bumpy ride from Ombak Sunset to the restaurant. I kind of enjoyed this bumpy ride because the sky was so clear at night, and I can see all the twinkling stars so effortlessly. The girls wanted to splurge a little on our first night, so we had seafood dinner which costed about RM 300. Quite a fair price. Some drinks after dinner, for sure. 

I love how travelling can bring friends together. I love how islands can make us appreciate how blessed we are living in a well developed country that transportation is so easy for us. I love how simple the life here is. 
I will share with you guys more about Lombok on the upcoming post.
Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Be Fresh with Sofy Compact

3 Must-Have in my bag

Ever since that I have started Mermaid Dreams - I have been meeting a lot of new people; be it partners, clients or customers. It feels like I have to always be ready because I might need to just grab my bag and run to the next meeting. Busy, but I like the busy-ness that keeps me productive.

Because there have been a lot of instance that I have last minute meeting, I've already prepared a working bag that I can just grab and go. Everything will be there and literally, with the bag I can go anywhere I want to work. Other than essentials like wallet and phone, here are some items that I must have in the bag:

1. Make Up
Looking presentable is very important especially when you are in the fashion business. It gives your client, customers or vendors the confident and impression that "you know what you are doing". That's why I have a make-up pouch ready all the time just in case if I have no time to put on make-up before I go out, I can do it in the car.

2. Water Tumbler
When you meet new people, you will of course be talking to them, a lot. Especially client and customer, sometimes you will need to explain your product to them so that they get the concept that you are trying to bring out in each series. Therefore, I need a water tumbler so that I won't go too thirsty and start to bubble when I talk.

3. Sanitary Napkin
This one is a weird one, but extremely important! Sometimes we are so busy that we forgot the time of the month when Aunty Flo decided to come and visit. Hence getting ready is always a good idea to save yourself from embarrassment!

I have tried plenty brands before, and I have never bought Sofy myself not because I don't like the brand. I guess I just like to stick to the brand that I am familiar with since young. 
Recently I have came across Sofy - a sanitary napkin brand from Japan that brought the first compact napkin, which is only half size of a palm to Malaysia. 

Their new design saves me from all the awkward moments I would have faced if I were to bring the conventional pads. 
Or...Imagine yourself going out dating with your boyfriend and you are too shy to let him see you holding a pad (often in white colour) to washroom. This is when Sofy comes in handy. I really love its stylish sanitary napkin packaging. It has been a good friend whenever I am out dating with boyfriend or attending social events. If your pad doesn't give you the comfort and ease when you are wearing it, I think you should start switching to Sofy Compact as it really saves your life for that particular week. Who knows when you are meeting someone who is really important and you don't want your menstruation to screw things out.

I'm now a Sofy user!
You may check out Sofy social media platform for more information.

Go handy with Sofy Compact.
Sunday, September 06, 2015

Melbourne Love - Part 1

Birthday trip last month was indeed a memorable one. It was my first time travelling to Melbourne, and everything was perfectly fine. I love their Instagram-worthy brunch place; I love their coffee; I love their clear blue sky; I love the city that filled and surrounded by arts. 

Our first brunch place was actually The Kettle Black, but I couldn't find any food pictures in my camera so yea...I skipped to our Day 2 brunch venue - The Hardware Société. Baked eggs with truffle oil was the best among the orders. (Blogging this right now makes me so hungry!)

We rented a car and headed to Philip Island which is about an hour drive from the CBD. Look at those beautiful scenery pictures make me fall in love with Melbourne again. We drove around the island, saw some koala, explored wildlife reserve and caught some penguins waddle up the beach after sunset. I would recommend you all to stay over a night or two to explore this place thoroughly.

While boyfriend was trying to locate the Penguin Parade, we stumbled across this beautiful place. The pictures are not able to justify how scenic this place is.

This was my itinerary for Day 2. Stay tune for more write-ups of my Melbourne trip. 
Hope you guys having a great weekend so far.