So a few of my girlfriends came over to my house the other day to hangout to decide on our next vacation, and they squeak a little when they saw this. 
I don’t blame them at all for startling me.
 Because, who can hold their cool with such a cute piece?

I have been living on laptop for the longest time, and I can’t remember the last time I was on a PC. They are bulky and you can’t carry them around with you in the house; let alone travelling.
 Until this came by - Acer Revo One Hello Kitty.
Yes you’re correct, it is a FULL functioning mini PC that does not only have a storage of 1TB – it also function really well with it Intel Core i3 Processor on an upgradable 4GB DDR3L RAM.
And to top it off – it is so cute and it is very, very pleasing to the eyes to have it placed anywhere. Just look at it!

I was honoured to be invited to the official launch of Acer Revo One Hello Kitty Edition, which was held in the Hello Kitty Café in Sunway Pyramid.
With the bloggers who also there to attend the event. 
During the launch, we learned that Acer Revo One Hello Kitty is also very adaptable to its peripherals; there are multiple ports which you can plug in your USBs, headphones, card readers and LAN cable.
Apart from that, we also learned that Acer Revo One Hello Kitty provides HD resolutions and a 7.1 excellent surround system – combined with the storage size of the PC, where you can store almost up to 400 DVD movies – you can literally turn your house or wherever you are into a mini personal theater; and I personally don’t mind doing that at all!

This cute Acer Revo One Hello Kitty can be controlled using Android phone through the Acer Revo One Suite App. Try it on and you will find it super handy.
They only comes in very limited numbers – there are currently only 600 units in Malaysia, so if you really keen in owning one, wait no longer and get them from the Acer store near you. 
Find out more on and their Acer Malaysia's facebook page.