My daily life has changed beautifully ever since Panasonic came into my life. Aiming to create beauty in every aspects of women life, Panasonic has been continuously helping women to make beautiful happen a lot easier with their beauty tools and equipments. This round, 3 new Panasonic products were being introduced through hands-on demonstration (which I will further explain in the later article). 

The first product was Micro Foaming Cleansing DeviseEH-SC50. We were asked to remove make up using the warn make up removal head together with Bio-essence makeup remover, but of course if you have you own makeup remover at home it is applicable as well. 

Still using the same micro foaming cleansing devise, its extremely fine and high density micro-foam and soft brush functions effectively to remove dirt and oil. First, add a bean-sized of facial cleanser of any types (gel, cream or liquid) into the pump followed by a cap-sized of water as shown in the picture below. After that, select the "wash" button and the devise will generate micro-sized creamy foam to clean gently but deeply inside the pores.   
As EH-SC50 is waterproof, you can easily clean the devise with water by removing the brush head. 

The second facial product that being introduced was Ionic Cleansing and Toning Devise, EH-ST50. This devise uses ionic power to allow moisturizing ingredients to deeply penetrate into the skin. As demonstrated, we used cotton pad filled with toner and attached it together with the device. While using this, 'cleanse' mode was selected. Next, select 'moisturize' mode and apply moisturizer separately onto your face followed by its warm rhythmic massage. The ionic flow from '+' to '-' pole causes ions to move and creates water flow which infuses the hydrating ingredients deep into the epidermis. 

Lastly, the Styling Brush Ion, EH-HT40. This brush is so easy to use and Yoshi san already tested it on my hair before the launch. And finally I got to try it during the launch and it really helps to create natural curls. However, the tips not to get your hair stuck is to do it with one direction. Let's say you are curl your hair inwards, keep it the same direction. With 2 temperature settings, this brush can be adjusted accordingly to the desired type and style. Besides that, it is also safe to hold the brush while styling your hair as its temperature is designed to a lower level.

For more information about Panasonic Beauty products, you can visit their facebook page or log on to Panasonic website.