It is incredibly easy to forget to treat yourself with love and respect and it is just as easy to be your own worse critic. Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have. You can't break up yourself; you need to be able to tolerate yourself for your entire life. Hence, you need to treat yourself like you expect others to treat you. 

These day, I am learning how to treat and love myself better. The most easiest way to start perhaps is from eating the right food. Marigold Yogurt Drinks is one of my choice. It is a 0% Fat & Cholesterol yogurt drinks that are made with real fruit juice. It is so easy to consume at any time of the day, regardless of the type of activities involved. More importantly it helps with digestion and weight control, which I believe every girl would love to drink it every day after knowing the benefits. Drinking such refreshing drinks do help boosting up my mood.

I was invited to attend How Do I Look? Asia event few weeks back, which Marigold Yogurt is the official beverage partner. During the event, Hanny Madu and the various Zumba teachers shows us how does exercise help us in feeling good about ourselves. It somehow helps to release stress while you are sweating it all out.

Meanwhile you are treating yourself right, Marigold is offering something even better. They are running #MarigoldYogurtDrinkDance which you can submit your moves video links at the link below for a chance to win RM1000 worth of Zalora shopping voucher and Marigold Yogurt Drinks!

 You can check out Marigold Yogurt Malaysia facebook page for more information.
Good luck with the moves x