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Greetings from our happy feet at Phuket. I'm terribly missing the sunny weather, the beach, and of course the ocean. It always makes me feel so calm whenever I'm at the beach.

Thanks to Hotel IKON Phuket, we have a wonderful staycation over the weekend. We had an ocean premier view room on the highest level of the hotel overlooking ocean from distance. The hotel is well decorated in chic modern design. I personally love the pool area where we manage to chill and have some dipping. Ikon is located in a quiet neighbourhood and it would take about 10 to 15 mins walking to Karon beach.

Thanks to lovely Mona, I have visited different places in Phuket that has changed my perspective about this little island.
#1 Yanui Beach
Instead of exploring Karon or Patong beach, we went Yanui Beach which is about 20 mins drive from our hotel. The beach is less crowded and you can enjoy sun tanning and just chill by the beach. 

We headed to Phuket Old Town for lunch and dessert after toasting ourselves for hours. 
#2 One Chun Restaurant 
One of the best that serves the best southern thai food. I love love the braised pork and the spicy prawn salad with raw vegetables.

#3 Torry's Ice Cream Boutique
 The desserts here are all homemade and the owner also localize and create interesting menu like mango sorbet ice cream with sticky rice and coconut ice cream with red bean. A place that is super Instagram worthy.

Day 1 in Phuket well spent and I will continue to share with you more about Phuket in my next post.

Now off to airport to catch Coldplay concert tomorrow! 
As we kicking off 2017, I'm happy to share with you guys I'm now part of the SK-II Malaysia Beauty Circle - an exclusive group of members that comprise of Malaysia's influencers and celebrities to share their inspirational story of success, as well as expertise in their own individual fields. 

Having to try their products for months, I'm absolutely in love with their Facial Treatment Essence or some named it miracle water. It seems unremarkable at the first few weeks, however with regular use my skin become softer and smoother. It also gives a healthy glow while keeping my skin from aging.

Powered by over 90% Pitera™, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence acts directly on the five dimensions of texture, radiance, firmness, pigmentation and wrinkle resilience - or what is it the tangible proof to realize beautiful crystal clear skin. Putting this into test, SK-II works together with National Geographic put celebrities to travel to some of the world most extreme and beautiful places to test their skin with SK-II's iconic Facial Treatment Essence. 
SK-II: Face the Wold l Face the Camera Extreme Expeditions, which premieres today, comprises of four riveting short vignettes following the unique adventures of four celebrities, Chiara Ferragni (global fashion icon), Kasumi Arimura (award winning Japanese actress), Nini (Chinese actress) and Lee Si Young (South Korea actress and national boxer), as they subject their skin to the perils of some of the world's toughest environment. 

Chiara Ferragni undergoes a stressful expedition to explore the ancient topography of the parched and scorching Anza Borrego Desert, one of the most arid places in Western America, fighting dehydration, dizziness and dry heat. 

Kasumi Arimura battles harsh UV, sweltering heat and biting insects on a photo assignment in the oppressively hot and dense Yanbaru jungle in Okinawa, Japan. 

Nini endures a challenging trek through a frozen and dry mountain range in Northern China, subjecting her skin to the tortures of bitterly cold sub-zero temperatures and arid conditions. 
Lee Si Young ventures into one of the most stunning but dangerous locations on earth, Indonesia's active Ijen Volcano taking on the strains of harmful sulfurous fumes. 

I visited Mount Ijen last year and I still remembered how bad was the sulfurous fumes that caused rashes and redness on my skin. If only I was using SK-II Facial Treatment Essene back then, my skin would probably recover faster. 

Proven by the four celebrities, SK-II's signature ingredient Pitera™ has the ability to maintain crystal clear skin even when up against harsh environments. I can't wait to discover what Pitera™ can do for me in my future adventures. 
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