Do women in Asia feel they have an expiration date? 
I say yes. The feeling get stronger as I'm turning 26 in few weeks time. I am constantly being put under my family and relatives' pressure about when I'm getting married and what have I achieve every year. I believe there are many women around the world feel the same as often society set a artificial deadline and expectations on women to achieve specific goals in terms of family or work by a certain age. 

I was complaining about my age with my girlfriends earlier and we all discussed and agreed that we all should find ourselves first before we commit into a relationship or marriage. We all are constantly trying to find a balance between living up with the society norm and chasing after our dreams. 

It's undeniably that we live in a world where there is perception that a woman will only be truly happy if she finds a man to marry. It is saddening for women who still think this way because they are putting their lifetime happiness on someone that they think they should marry just because there is a timeline to hit. 

I was recently shown the video The Expiry Date well-made by SK-II and have felt immensely inspired ever since watching it. It is based on the perception that women are born with an expiry date and a short shelf life of being worthy. At the end of the film, women from three different countries change their destiny by tackling this age-related pressure and liberate themselves from this narrow viewpoint. 

I certainly have to agree with the film that women face this age-related pressure more than our male counterparts. We are the ones who hear the ticking clock as it get physically more difficult for us to achieve things in life. It's been said that men tend to get more attractive as they get older while the reserve is true for women. 
It saddens me, sometime. 
Regardless of all that, I believe it's very important for women to be in control of your own life and put your happiness above everything else. No one should ever come in your life and tell you what you should do and don't. We women should find ourselves, understand ourselves, and love ourselves. 

SK-II video promotes a feminist approach to change by encouraging women to love ourselves and stay empowered to live the way they want to live. We have all felt the societal pressure at some point, however no woman should feel pressured to follow the norm and we all have the power to #ChangeDestiny

#INeverExpire, so do you.