It has been a long time since I share about beauty remedy. Today I am sharing the most effective way to lighten and whiten your crotch areas, underarms, thighs, elbows, necks and even nipples. Before I share with you my secret remedy, we should know the causes of dark spots.
1. Friction
Rubbing of the skin against other skin, wearing tight clothing or most common scenario where putting elbows in hard surface.
2. Shaving
Women often shave or pluck the underarm hair that will cause micro-abrasion/chicken skin. 
 The chemicals in these products might cause colour pigmentation.
3. Moist
Excessive sweat can cause skin allergies like white spot which results skin discolouration.
4. Obesity
Extra weight can intensify pigmentation and cause darkness on the nape, underarms, back of knees and other parts of the body.
5. Hormonal Imbalance
Pregnancy, for instance will cause some parts of the body like neck, elbows and groins to be darker. 

The beauty secret that I have tested and tried is Maputi Whitening Cream
Specially formulated for delicate zone areas, this cream is suitable for sensitive skin with its 7Free components that include petroleum free surfactant free, paraben free, synthetic colouring free, mineral oil free, alcohol free, silicon free and synthetic polymer free. 

Apart from the organic certified ingredients, Maputi Whitening Cream works as deodorant that helps to keep a long lasting scent at unpleasant odour body areas. I personally love its vanilla citrus orangey smell. It can be easily applied at desired area and the amount depends on how much area you would like cover. I would recommend to use this after shower. 

You can see the difference of my elbow colour after continuously using for 2 weeks.

You can even apply Maputi cream at intimate areas like vagina or nipples, etc. Whitening can be a delicate procedure when it comes to these areas, hence it's important to use products made with natural ingredients like Maputi cream that will not damage your skin. Always get ready for bikini body :)

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