Last November, my best friend and I took a food-themed trip to Tokyo and it was the best decision we ever made. We spent almost 10 days there exploring food and drinks, below is the list that I have and perhaps you can pin it as a reference the next time you visit.

#1 Viking Bakery F 
They make all sorts of gluten free bread. I bought the earl grey loaf and it was the best bread I ever have!

#2 Ginza West, West Aoyama branch
There are two outlets in Tokyo. Only the Aoyama branch serves the pancake. Be there early and expect a line. 

#3 Coffee Wrights
Situated at Omotesando, this coffee place is perfect after shopping. 

#4 Blue Bottle Coffee, Roppongi branch
There are a few chains for Blue Bottle, this is one of the nicest in term of the atmosphere. We stumbled upon this coffee place meanwhile walking to The National Art Center. 

#5 Menchirashi 麵散
So good that we went there twice. The egg and udon is to die for!!!

#6 Ginza Kazami 
The broth and the ramen here is super fresh. I personally prefer the soup one. 

#7 Afuri
The ramen chain that never fail you. I love love the yuzu broth. 

#8 Ginza Soba Sasuga (蕎麥 流石)
One Michelin Star soba sure made my taste buds dance. 

#9 Shin Udon 慎
Located in Shinjuku, make it in your to-eat list if you are nearby. They handmade their udon, hence it was so chewy when I had it. The dipping sauce added with raw egg was so amazingly good too. 

#10 Kaneko Hanesuke(金子半之助)
Cheap, big & delicious. I swear this was the best tempura don with 1 whole anago, tender ika (cuttlefish), 2 big prawns, 1 green pepper and 1 slice of seaweed and tempura egg. They have queue like 24/7, so please go there either as early or late as possible to avoid lining up more than an hour as the shop itself is very small. 

#11 Luke Lobster
Needless any introduction. They are so successful that they have extended their shop to offer dining-in experience too. 

#12 Gyukatsu 
Deep fried wagyu cutler never been better, and yes I ordered the big one. 

#13 Torikizoku
Cheap and affordable yakitori, hence why we ended up over-ordering. 

#14 Nishi-Azabu Taku 
Two-michelin star omakase just made us speechless. 

#15 Lupin
Since 1928, Lupin is one of the oldest speakeasy bar in town. Expect to pay cover charges apart from the drinks, which are priced on the higher side. 

#15 Ibrew Shinbashi
This affordable, cheerful, crowded bar is the perfect place after working hour. With competitive price at 390 yen for half pint and 690 yen for a pint, and you can choose up to 30 different brews on tap. 

I have covered some coffee, restaurants (mostly noodles), don, sushi, and bars. I hope you guys love eating as much as I am. 
More food trips like these please.