Majority of girls will love their eyes to be naturally big-round with huge eyelid, some of them may pursue small eyes with no eyelid. I'm one of the majority but it doesn't mean small eyes aren't attractive. I've a pair of NOT-BIG-ROUND eyes with narrow eyelids that needs a double-sided eyelid sticker every morning to re-shape my eyelids. Thanks to eyelid sticker, my eyes speaks stronger since then! *electric buzzzzzzz* ( ΦωΦ)★*"`'*-.,_,.-*'`"*-.,_☆,.-*'`"*-.,_

So here are the magical lyrical EYELID WIDEN steps~ *rub ur eyes and stay focus*
#1 Get yourself a double-sided eyelid sticker and a pair of scissors. Why double-sided? It's much stickier and much invisible. I bought mine from Chinkie Candy through Facebook, click the link for more details.

#2 Reverse the eyelid sticker.

#3 Draw a line between the eyelid sticker (REVERSE).

#4 Cut it accordingly into half. *Hint: You can skip Step3 and cut the sticker into half if u've marshaled ur cutting skill.*

#5 After cutting, it will become two stickers with equal size for both eyelids.

#6 STICK them on! Quite INVISIBLE RIGHT?!!
Reminder:  Beginner can use the stick to shape your eyelid first before you stick it on.
                 Be careful while pulling out the sticker paper as it's DOUBLE-SIDED. It might stick on your finger.

Now I'm gonna show you guys the OHMAIGOD Before-and-After!!!
Big difference it can tell! (  ╯﹏╰ )'''

Anyway, idon'tcare. Lovin mua eyelids now, TEEHEE ︵(@ ̄︶ ̄@)︵

(づ′▽`)づ 6 steps to have a pair of charming watery eyes.
Chinkie Candy, your choice