Used to blog in the midnight during holiday because i can sleep without snoozing the alarm in the morning. Good life :D
Gonna continue blogging about my HK trip today. 

2nd day in HongKong, we went to Tsui Wah restaurant for breakfast. One of the largest and well-known F&B franchise in HK. 
Happily having my french toast.
It was crispy outside and chewy inside, the taste is enlightened with the butter and honey!
Milktea here also tastes smoother. Everything tastes nicer when you are vacationing. Vacation syndrome, lol
Huannie ordered fishball and fish cake noodles soup. The soup is very milky, overall very different from those in Malaysia. Another must-try.

Then we walked around Tsim Sha Tsui and Mongkok, then went meeting up friends at Baby Café @ Isquare (Tsim Sha Tsui outlet).
The wall is fully hanged with Baby's photos. Wayyy to pretty!
We ordered lists of food and drinks.
Cafe Latte.
Baby recommendation, Almond Flavoured Iced Coffee.
Look at my grin face, you know the almost coffee was really good! 

Mille Feuille and Strawberry Ice Cream.
Creamy Porcini Soup.
Crispy Chicken Wings with Honey.

Meet the newly lovebirds, Daniel Lim and Findafullmoon aka XinD. 
So happy to meet up Malaysian friends especially when you are overseas. The feeling is like when you bump into your hometown friends when u study abroad, same dialect, same culture, in-group people! ;p
Us being silly

Then we continued our nomnom journey at roadside while shopping at Mongkok's Bo Hai Street.
My favourite food, curry fishball. 
So far it seems to be a food post because the whole day i did was eating. Of course i did shop, just that i didn't take pictures of the items i bought. You would see me wearing them in future blog posts :)

So this post will end with my ootd style - Black/Army Green. (Y)
MMM x H&M socks sweater // NakedKimchi leather skirt // Topshop army+leather jacket // Topshop hosiery // NakedKimchi sneakers